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Twitter, Delicious, MyBloglog . . . .Can’t Keep Up!

Redone with Adobe Flash

Redone with Adobe Flash

Been recollecting my thoughts and trying to keep up with my accounts I signed up for a couple of years before. Darn. Had to to delete my Friendster just because it’s way too crowded, along with some other social networking accounts I registered with just so I can study the darned thing and apply them into my UI designs. Not much help.

Anyway, haven’t posted any decent (if there was such a thing as a decent post in this blog) recently. Truth is I’m having fun with Adobe Flash and my new studio proved very accomodating. And even with a limited budget, I still function like a twenty-year-old!

Yup, the mango is still raging!

I’m Tired Of Blaming Myself

lines 1 in B&W, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

I know when I work, I do it with enough conviction that could shame a groom on his wedding night. True, I work in a very non-conventional way. I even pt on a video just to sneak a peek once in a while, hearing the audio track helps to make the illusion of working alone. I listen to music few people, and I mean to use the word accordingly, even think exists. Who do yo think listens to Apocalyptica, Rammstein or Enigma in full discography? And I do get things done, even doubling to make some coffee for the whole group, do christmas decors, squeeze in a few favors from co-workers, yadda-yadda.

Now who do you think lost somethin?

I think I gained freedom.