February Ebb

Rustle, rustle.

Rush, rush.

It’s all about getting there on time and learning the ropes. Can’t believe I just bumped into this. Well, bumped isn’t exactly right. My bro Rico Ibarra asked me to try for a slot at the News Graphics for Radyo Singko, of which I did. And here I am, trying to keep up with the really competitive and very talented art crew of Tv5. I also got the chance to speak freely with Martin, and Terry and Dale,  from Metra , dudes from New Zealand, and it feels like a hobbit chatting with Elves. Cool. They have this really drool-on-your-shirt software that will blow you away. Too bad they’ll be leaving soon to teach other people what they know.

So, what is the mango into these days? Remember Caustic Creations as my own firm? Still is. But the chance to work with a different breed of artists, and the challenge of creating artworks on a different level, is as refreshing as a steaming mug of java – you will enjoy it but you will have to deal with the heat.

And I like it.

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