No, Not Yet

Being stuck in this matchbox I call my apartment (which is really a term the landlord used, but it’s okay, he’s a good guy) because my nose has been exhibiting a good imitation of the Pagsanjan Falls, and my throat just kept reminding me to lay off them smokes for a while. Sure enough, I looked around to see what I can do with all these time to kill. Grabbed my sketch and continued, sat up and finally gave up, brain is just too muddled. So after doing away with the dishes, washing a pair of pants and shorts leftover from my weekend laundry, and sweeping the floor a couple of times. I’m again faced with a lot of down time.

My Tweetdeck is full of fuss about R.A. 10175. My Facebook is no better, these Anti Cyber Crime Law people are very consistent. Well, maybe too consistent. In fact, most of it are getting to be just that: noise. Come on, I cannot possibly believe that the government
is THAT knowledgeable about the whole Cyber thingy. And that much ballyhooed implementation of a law they don’t understand just proves it.

Most people can’t even find the SETTINGS button on their dashboard, on their browsers, on their Twitter and Facebook. Very few even know how to block people on their timeline, mush less unfriend somebody for fear of  being unfriended themselves and lose numbers on their friends list, for no apparent reason. It’s a case of people using technology too soon. Just look at the number of iPad sales and you’ll see, people are buying stuff they don’t understand, much less use. Okay, maybe on that point, the government can get their accounts.

Let’s be serious.

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Brewing, originally uploaded by scrEaMingmANgo.

It’s 3am already, Friday has just kicked itself awake, and I’m into my 3rd coffee, now getting cold, as a female voice constantly reminds me that a threat has been detected, while I scan for viruses and malware and who knows what nasty things we’ve picked up working nights on some rushed up, jacked-down-price, graphic jobs.

I’m kind of enjoying this, though, in my weird, absurd way.

Just got back from Bicol. The bus ride was the usual bumpy, noisy, smelly trips you’d expect from ordinary fares, the kind of trip most Manila Boys and Girls would shudder and cringe, and bitch the whole way through. Love travelling this way, you get to see the real world of the haggard and the weary. You hear stories. You see everything. And of course, the feeling of impending doom. Feels good to be alive when you are on one of the most gruelling bus rides. The Crown would be the Sorsogon route.

But anyway . . . .

Work at the studio seems getting grittier and grittier. Which is good. Lots of unemployed and the newly employable scampering to get some nowadays. I’m glad got enough skills to work on one of my favorite artforms: Animation, while expecting to work here in Makati for a graphic design firm.

Who could have foreseen me still learning stuff? Those friends of mine who stayed behind in TOEI Philippines seems to me trapped in their so-called corporate setting some dweebs thought of as beneficial.

Enough of that.

Got some positivity going on. Even when I’m dark under the eyes, and a little bit too smoky-smelling.

Sheesh. My coffee has said goodbye to warmth. It’s officially cold as tap water, but a bit sweeter.