In Between Having my Samsung Fixed, Doing The Laundry, And Practicing My Fretboard Fetish


It actually begins on a Saturday night, after taking off my well worn shoes, and my sweaty shirt. A whole week inside the studio nowadays can be very ingratiating, since for cost effectivity, we try to cram all those work hours needed for any animation or game development into a measly 8-hour shift.

But it all pays well and good, since I now have the time to read some, play guitar, do the laundry twice a week and look for anything to do around the apartment I share with a friend and a young workaholic lass from Cavite.

But wait, there’s more!

I finally got the chance to spend some time with my college friends, REAL FRIENDS, that I haven’t seen for a long time, like decades! It was all coming back, as Celine would say. And we really did have fun catching up.

Brought my Samsung mobile phones to the service center. Hope they fix them up good. My last mobile phone lasted 7 years, a very utilitarian Bird Mobile unit. Hope this doesn’t become the trend with Samsung phones. Their units fit me good. Just an isolated case. Maybe.

Bought some more strings for my guitar, hoping to do some serious practicing later. After I’ve decided what dastardly recipe I can do with some Misua, Cabbage, eggs and a pack of instant pancit canton without the seasoning. Used the powder for a very quick sinangag.

And now, I hunger for a smoke. but have to check my emails first.

Have to find another thing to do around here.