Full Throttle, baby

Photoshop Doodle

Weeks ago, I was merely trying to draw enough to put into a full coloring book for grownups. But as my recent conversation on Facebook with Marie, whom since our college days, has been a pillar of strength, though she may deny it, but bless her, her mind is a source of pure keen perception.

While I was listening attentively to another dear friend, Sally, who has been tutoring me on the business side of being a startup,  and no, that is not entirely true, Sally has been schooling me on the intimate workings of starting a business based on my skillset, which was drawing and illustrating, and both of  them allows for a very educational foray into the world of taking control of my venture.

Now, to others I may have been focusing on the wrong part of this venture, mainly to create more relevant and enduring artwork. But you must understand, my casual internet visitor, yes, you who is reading this today. I love woodcuts. I love the way a single color can elicit a wide variety of emotion upon the beholder. I am also enamored with comics  and editorial cartoons. I always try to pay homage to these influences. Artists like Javinal, Malgapo, Acuna, Freff, Moebius, among others. Writers and creators like Poblete and Ravelo, Miller, Moore, Gaiman. And all of those unnamed printing pioneers who perfected woodcuts and negatives in the old days of publishing. My own creation may be very far off from these masters, but I try, really I try.

Even with just starting with a coloring book meant for hobbyists and enthusiasts, I try to present my work in a manner that is not merely trying to put out anything, but with purpose and roots.

Which is why the decision to go and learn anything and everything about the business, cost and expenses, marketing and sales, choosing the matrials for the artworks themselves, the right ink, looking for potential investors to bankroll this venture and offer a reasonable ROI for a long term business relationship.

Because ewhen this thing gets rolling there is that possibility I may have to register a business name and pay taxes for it.

Which brings me into looking foir new channels to earn from. Obet led me to a crowdfunding site and it blew me away – Patreon was what i was looking for. Give to an artists who knows what to refer to another artist, but Obet is on an entrely higher plane and I value his thoughts on this matter, too.

So when things get too heavy on my mind….

I make Photoshop Doodles!

Starting Seriously

As far As I can remember, I have been doodling, drawing and illustrating since I knew how to hold a pencil on my hand. So whenever I drew something it’s just something I do naturally. When I decided to to pursue and put out a coloring book for adults it was a no brainer that some of my works lying around found its purpose. And more I did with just sitting down, choosing the right paper quality and the pencils and pens I prefer, and just  create and draw.

That’s the easy part. Because drawing to me is second nature. The digital processing for the images I can hack that too. Because I have always been adaptable, even If I’m fond of telling people that I am a wind up watch in a digital age.

Now the hard part is building a business plan for these coloring books that I will put out in the market. Before that, looking for a printing firm with an affordable set of packages. I wanted to put out something that could stand side by side with other titles in a bookstore and not just something from the quick-fix and really cheap printing solutions in U.P. Indie comics can benefit from that, but the coloring books need good paper and perfect binding, as the printshop lingo goes, and these are the things a startup indie publisher need to know.

The hour of almost obnoxious creativity manifests itself

All you need is a bit of inspiration

Being the creator of something does not entitle you to just leaving all oif the details to other people. Choose a color profile for the illustrations, grayscale will have the images with just a two-color profile and makes the blacks standout. Next was choosing the right material dimensions for the pages, choosing what could work faster for the printers and the availability of ready cut paper in the market, so I ended up with the just the letter sized page for each ilustration. Choosing the cover materials can be tricky, is going to be coated, matte or glossy?

These things, as a startup,indie publishing, coloring book creator has to do and consider before pushing through with the rest of the venture.

Now it gets more gritty, building up a business plan, sorting out the funds, thinking up ROI and trying to get people to invest in my venture, which I am confident has long term benefits, and my other passion, which is my comics creations will also figure in this. So right now I’m digging deep into the business part of pablishing independently.  I regret not paying attention to my math subject during my school days, business is a lot of Math!

And the timing is right. I’m tired of being just an employee. I’m sick of scraping down the bottom of the barrel. I loathe the fact that people think of graphic artists as just someone to haggle rates with. I’m tired of just borrowing money to make ends meet. This time is the right time to take the reigns and drive the horses where I want to go, and not just another passenger for the ride.

The “work” part is the business plan building, the “play” part is the drawings. Who says you can’t have fun being a startup?