A Father’s Journey

I know this guy as a happy-go-lucky-devil -may-care sort of man. And the man knows his way around. Met him at the start of my new job, which is where I currently work.  We used to share a bus ride on my way home when I was still tethered to my Mandaluyong habitat. Knowing his fun-loving ways, I never took Ian for a serious person, just someone who’s always looking for a weekend trip, or an adventure somewhere.

But time and again, I am always looking for the depth in another man’s soul, the thing that makes another human being interesting. Sure enough, I was right. Beneath that facade of beach bum, and skin art enthusiasm, lies a hard man able to face anything in life. This man, Ian, bears the burden of his child heart ailment, and carries it around with a grain of salt. Always with a smile for everyone he meets, we used to work  the 2am to 10am shift and always, we could be giggling like schoolgirls at a frat party. But his heart must have been breaking like glass every time he sees his child suffering. A father, no doubt about it.

Two strong individuals

At the hospital, after Star's heart procedure and Ian, the proud father of the brave little girl.

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