It Was A Long Week . . . In Retrospect

…and it was full of everything.

I remember from my previous employment. I get attached to the people I work with. The feeling might not be the same for them like me, but it feels like finding a family, however dysfunctional it may be.

The last time I did have that feeling was with an animation studio.

Not the big one, the other one.

You meet a lot of people as you go through life. I’m fortunate enough to have met some really, wonderful human beings – Artists, Musicians, Animators, Writers, simple people – all sorts of interesting, stimulating creatures. The kind you can swear your loyalty to.

I have a problem with loyalty. Often times it gets me into all sorts of personal turmoil. Like a dog for his master. I get territorial when it comes to those I value, and love. I am quirky that way. I was also a philanderer, so that makes me a walking, talking contradiction.

But heck, people change. I know I did.

Misplaced loyalty kept me from moving forward before. I tried very hard to defend and support my animation studio, that it almost kept me from opening new doors. Like a dog subservient on a leash, patiently waiting for his master to let go. Continue reading

Trackbacks, Influences and Paying Homage

Album cover for Strontium 90/Police Academy, eventually became The Police.

Usually on weekends, I would either line up a few movies in digital format, or set a playlist of my favorite music, or an audiobook  to get me through with my weekend chores, the laundry and house cleaning, or maybe doodle some drawings.

Now, I just completed my collection of  The Police ,that band composed of  Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers and Sting which is really Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, and the last cd in that collection was a recording of their earliest performances as a quartet with Mike Howlett, another gifted musician whom, after the gig as Strontium 90, became  a prolific producer for such acts as A flock of Seagulls and OMD, among others.

There’s a track here, recorded live with the title “3 o’clock Shot” and I can’t help but smile, because now I know where The Dawn got their inspiration and influence. The Dawn, whom I also blogged about somewhere in this blogsite of mine, is a local band that was originally, as they appeared on Concert at The Park, hosted by Tina Monson-Palma, a quartet – Jett Pangan, Caloy Balcells, Jun Boy Leonor III and Teddy Diaz.

From top: JB Leonor III, Caloy Balcells, Teddy Diaz, Jett Pangan

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