Life, As It Unfolds

. . . a bomb exploded in EDSA killing and wounding some 15 passengers. And all I could think of was I could have been in that bus since I was coming from Evangelista.

. . . never knew Johnny Enrile still has it in him to be feisty and smart. Heck, even Jinggoy surprised me. But what interests me is how Trillanes is at the inquiry. The guy is precise and silent. Garcia should be scared.

. . . in the middle of a Senate investigation, Angelo Reyes committed suicide, and people kept saying it was honorable. Yeah, honorable to have eluded real confrontation.

. . . coffee is coffee. 3 in 1 is good. 5 in 1 is good. 8 in 1? Are they insane? What comprises an 8 in 1 coffee mix? Ground coffee, Dragon’s scales, Tiger’s tooth? But I must admit, I had some and it was delicious.

. . . The Azkals won! Awoooooooohhhh! Now guys, don’t get too confident. There are bigger, better opponents out there, but what we lack in height and bench support, we make up for speed and good looks. Good looks count.

. . . and if I hear one more HARA KIRI, I will send a signal to Batman and straighten your ignint heads down. Seppuku is what the Japanese Warriors do when they have fallen from grace and felt they have failed their liege. Seppuku is actually a very hard thing to do, hara kiri is the self disembowelment, thrusting a knife from the right side and slashing to the left, thus disemboweling one’s self, while the opponent warrior must aid his passing and chop off the head. It is with great honor that these warriors perform this out of respect for one another. A gunshot to the chest is just that- suicide.

. . . FM radio just got worse. Bad enough that NU107 just conked out, leaving in it’s wake an army of lonely listeners wanting to listen only to good music. Nowadays it’s pure PERYA DJs on air. All bullshit and not enough brains. And oh! what stupidities these newfangled jocks are dishing out these days.

. . . building my own firm has got me struggling for freelance jobs. But it’s still waaay better than trying to impress someone whose knowledge is limited only inside the studio. Now if I could only finish the game design I have been meaning to put out this year . . .

. . . Exodus is a word that means PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR WHINING PIECE OF ASS AND THEY ARE BURNED OUT AND WANT TO SEEK A BETTER PAYING JOB. If you had listened before, you’d probably realize Singaporeans are just all talk! Sheesh! People respected and took your word as written in stone, but you, YOU! in all your posturing and promises FAILED to deliver. WHATCHAGONNADONOW?

. . . Eton workers died from an overloaded Gondola. Another Eton project collapsed a while ago. Must be an Eton thing, things falling apart around them.

. . . Flickristasindios planning another Outreach Program this year. This group never cease to amaze me. I love these guys. Bravo, Indios!

. . . I have in my hands Jake Magpayo’s Minolta SLR, teamed with my own Canon 300V. Now what to do with these weapons of mass infractions?

. . . And the heat goes on, an on, an on, and then a short shower did a wonderful number tonight, but then it stopped. And the heat goes on, and on, and on . . .

Step Right Up, This Way, This Way!

While dogging myself over character designs and refining details for our mobile theme proposals, I was grinning like Joker after killing Robin. Agh. That’s too ghastly a comparison. Anyway, I can’t help myself, running on caffeine and a lot less food when I’m in my creative mood. But Music and talk radio I definitely need to keep the juices going. It so happens that the Senate Inquiry caught me fancy, being the ZTN and Jun Lozada‘s magical mystery tour got front page slots. In spurts, let me tell you what I heard and understood while being a complete recluse that starts at friday and ends at monday evening:

> If Jun Lozada is as evil as those that hound him, then, at this point in time, during this inquiry, he comes off a martyr, nay a hero compared to those who dismiss him as a heretic.

> The PNP or the PSPO follows the chain of command closely that they don’t know where or whom will give the order, and trusts the driver more than the usual common sense.

> Valeroso’s got his 15 minute shot at fame.

> Jamby is a s pompous brat.

> Enrile is a pompous old man. Feels like he’s the only one with better things to do.

> Estradas have no business asking questions.

> Joker has used up his usefulness. He has become what he despised the most.

> You can get past Customs. Really.

> If the La Salle Brothers would find ME seeking sanctuary, instead of Jun Lozada, who is obviously far wealthier than what they wanted us to believe, they’d probably slam the door shut and wait for the pizza.

> Security at the airport is a pushover.

> With the onslaught of technology, our surveillance and security measures are a bit outdated.More like 1991.

> Mike keeps Php 50K lying around in his car, or in his glove compartment, just in case.

> Atienza speaks so well. It sounded like he was auditioning for a new episodeof “Maynila“.

and more to say, but the rest was pure comedy. I even visualized Jamby getting goosebumps at the mention of “DURA”. . . . hee-hee!

> Nobody felt the need to cross reference all these stuff to those statements, if any, by ZTE bigwigs. Sheesh. Common sense is absolutely absent.

For your listening pleasure, download or livestream the audio at Internet Archives >> Lozada WithThe Clowns

Teri, Cory, Jon and the Clowns that run the country

Somebody’s making a lot of racket about The Daily Show allegedly making fun of Cory. Sus! And here we are going ballistic about Teri’s line on her very American-Suburbian themed show. And Pinoys, (at least those with enough time to kill) are swarming over those petitions and complaints and whatnots para daw maibangon ang nasirang puri ng mga Pilipino sa buong mundo.


Have you read the news lately? Listened to AM radio? That bunch of lawyers, career politicians and wannabe messiahs have been causing us Pinoys our misery, not those trivial comments on Desperate Housewives, not Jon Stewart‘s The Daily Show Segment. It’s the SENATE that’s the source of our humiliating persona around the world! It’s the CONGRESS that’s making our life embarassing. Ang tanging kayang gawin lang nga mga tanginang ito ay: mag-tawag ng Congressional hearing sa mga walang kapararakang bagay while the need for more roads and school buildings go unheeded, mag-tawag ng senate inquiry about hidden wealth other than their own, mag akusa ng kung anu-ano sa media then blame media for blowing up the whole thing out of proportion, and use the alibi IT WAS MISCOMMUNICATION like it was tissue paper on a roll. Why even the broadsheets (I can name two leading newspapers) turn out to be just the larger version of the typical tabloids, other than it is written in English (with enough typos to choke you). Everywhere it’s CONSPIRACIES. And they (politicians and newspapers, even tv newsteams) revel on their supposed ex-po-se about this and that but fail to acknowledge certain alliances/conspiracies between a newspaper giant and a tv network existing just to spite the other, bigger, more savvy tv network. May napapansin ka bang namimigay ng ticket sa lugar nyo tapos sinisingil yung me tindahan about certain fees? Without a real, legal receipt to go with it? Naitanong mo na ba sa sarili mo kung bakit may cedula pa? Did any of you, honorable, respectable Filipinos chose the usual channels and NOT ask for padrinos or ‘KAKILALA’ sa City Hall? Conscious ka ba sa ingay ng iyong souped-up scooter kapag gamit mo ito? Wala ka bang pakialam kapag sobrang lakas ng nirentahan mong videoke machine kahit dis-oras na nag gabi dahil marami pang bisita at minsan lang naman kamo ang hapening sa bahay mo?Haaay . . .

Wala akong naulinigan na nag-reklamo about KMU dahil lahat ng pinasok nilang factory eventually nagsara dahil sa labor dispute, the very thing labor unions are supposed to prevent from happening. I haven’t recieved any forwarded email about Pinoys banding together to kick out and ban all irresponsible and corrupt public officials. Ni wala yata naka-isip na magtanong o kontrahin ang Simbahan about why they keep dipping their hands against Family planning, or why they always need money for this and that but they don’t pay taxes.

So tama na yang paghihimutok about racial slurs, derogatory remarks and stuff. Too far from the gut to be really painful.

Oh, oo nga pala, most of it are true anyway . . .