After a couple of days thinking up expenses and costs, product pricing and marketing, my head feels like somebody installed a crank and just spun away until everything blends into one moving blob in front of my eyes and I end up cross-eyed, wanting to throw up.

Because that is how it is when a noob like me gets all too cocky and jumped the entrepreneur train with nary a look back. It’s as  scary as walking a dark alley, or as frightening as a swim across an angry lake. You tremble in terror but you go through it because you need to be on the other side.

I needed to do this because I absolutely want to be on the other side.

And I’d like to trhink I’m a bit wiser now than the previous weekend, even if mathematical equations as simple as adding and multiplying is a tremendous task to me. but the foiresight now has shape, the horizon a bit more colorful, and now I have an idea where my faults would come up or when to brace for the punch that’s coming up my face.

This is how it is on being in control. Planning and sorting out so that the good and bad possibilities.

Now from what I learned lookiong at figures we have generated, I would have to curb my expenses to cut down on costs so that the profits earned will suirely be worth waiting for.