I would love to . . .

. . . .stab somebody with a spoon, over and over. But that would be too simple. Instead, I will watch at the sidelines while their empire crumbles from within. And V, that pompous poser can look up and see me with my colleagues, looking down at her.

I’m Tired Of Blaming Myself

lines 1 in B&W, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

I know when I work, I do it with enough conviction that could shame a groom on his wedding night. True, I work in a very non-conventional way. I even pt on a video just to sneak a peek once in a while, hearing the audio track helps to make the illusion of working alone. I listen to music few people, and I mean to use the word accordingly, even think exists. Who do yo think listens to Apocalyptica, Rammstein or Enigma in full discography? And I do get things done, even doubling to make some coffee for the whole group, do christmas decors, squeeze in a few favors from co-workers, yadda-yadda.

Now who do you think lost somethin?

I think I gained freedom.

Leave My Smoke Alone

I don’t heckle you about your expensive clothes being washed with equally costly, non-biodegradable detergent, and your strong smelling cologne and aerosol spray body deodorant that’s more dangerous than diesel fumes. You won’t hear me preaching about the against the perils of early baldness from the thick layer of gel or wax on your hair. Heck I don’t even care whether you got run over by a truck for wearing dark glasses at night. Please, leave my smoke alone. Your house probably contains most of the toxic substances known to man, with your preference for anything TV/Media sells you.