Entrance Fee Just To Get in?

Bottom light, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

I find myself amused and annoyed by this current social norm. Don’t you just feel you’re being ripped off? I mean, pay a certain amount just to get in a bar or pub? What the heck is that? You pay for the food, the drinks, but to shell out a premium just to step in and experience the smoke, noise and cheesy music (or if you are unfortunate enough, a coin-op videoke machine) is just too darn much. But hey, most of my kababayans (countrymen) get off on feeling rich and ‘in-with-the-in-crowd’ and spend too much but always end up neck deep in IOUs.

Good thing I found people and friends who don’t need expensive places to enjoy good company and food, humor and camaraderie. But, jeez, if only I could be able to most of the time . . . . .missed another ‘session’ last night. . . .