I Got Wasted At The Summer Komikon 2013


It’s not what it sounds like.

Believe me, it was just too overwhelming to let pass.

John Nano, his brother in law (forgot you name, bro) and me opened up for the Komikon 2013 yesterday, and the exhibitors were just trickling in at 7:30am.

I was geeking it out! Imagine being in the same spot where Leinil Yu, and of course my favorite Gerry Alanguilan, and to know we will be sitting Continue reading


This has been running in my mind for quite sometime now.

Trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground, my mind is running amok with thoughts of  keeping my current employment and passion more  competitive, living alone in the city, with occasional welcome intrusions from a brother whose pursuits has turned to networking and his  DeMolay standing, a very beautiful niece whom I fondly see a bright future despite her stopping school for the moment, and maintaining our small farm in Bicol, where my family has been living for 10 years now, give or take a few.

Thinking deep, I do not really want to end up whining about upper class problems, just living within my means is enough. Given the experiences of being up there with the in crowd, I know I will always be an outsider, Heavy Metal in a world of Pop, in a society where being IN is so much the requisite for every Social Climber bent on having his 15 minutes of  infamy, and a lot of social media overreaction.

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Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

I don’t have to add anything to this. The author says it all.

But let me explain.

I’m not really a photographer, but I do shoot a few. My illustrations rely heavily on photography. Some of my friends are really good photographers and during those few times we talk about photography in a serious manner, the subject of clients always trying to con you into throwing away your for free is the norm. It’s the same with illustration, animation and digital art. We often try to do our calling in an uncompromising dedication, yet when it comes down to getting paid, we seem to be treated like another clerk at the office – “a transport allowance would do just fine, thank you.” – It’s also why I try very hard not to post anything from my previous employment so that they cannot claim I breached protocols and such. Right now, I am rebuilding my portfolio and I don’t mind people sharing my work through the web, but for commissioned or custom work, if you came to me, you need me and my creativity – then pay up.

If the next client comes up and tells me ” Can you do a Boris Vallejo illustration for 10 days only, because we are short on time, and would 5K be enough?” . . .

I would point them to Boris Vallejo’s website and let them try to use one or two of hius creations and let’s see what the man has to say about it.