Overheard . . .

dsc00002.jpgA fashionably correct trio of two guys and a girl (sounds like a tv show) were candidly strutting by while I stop to look for my lighter, after being dropped off at the stop from the unusually fast ride from Bicol to Manila. The situation as it happened:

guy1: Pucha! Wala na ako yosi! ( Sonofa . . I’m all out of smokes! )

girl: Here, make kuha from mine. ( Do I have to translate this? Oh well [Here, take mine])

guy2: Hoy ako din! Kanina pa ako naglalaway. ( Me too! I’m dying for a cigarette.)

The two guys (at least they sound like males) tried to beat the other one taking a stick, a cigarette fell on the pavement, resulting in a chorus of oooohs, and pucha (bitch) and tangina (sonofayouknowwhat).

girl: Wag mo na damputin yan. Ngii, kadiri ng kalye baka magkasakit ka pa dyan sa germs! ( DON’T PICK THAT UP! THE STREET’S FILTHY, YOU MIGHT CATCH SOME DISEASE FROM GERMS!)

And I just laughed without lighting my own cigarette, walking so I can laugh a little more. Such is the irony in life.