It’s The Little Things

Last night I hardly slept. I should have, you know, snored halfway to valhalla, if we  factor in the copious amounts of brandy I had in my system (I came from regular  hangout with friends from way back and needless to say, alcohol and food is a  staple in those parts). Not that I am complaining, I didn’t spend anything. And  these friends know that. These are the same friends that held my hand when I was  about to break from the endless deluge of rejected job applications and failed  business deals. It’s these small handshakes, the little pat on the back that assures  me they have my back. Even a brother whom I bothered too often about my  financial predicaments suddenly sent help, and in the most timely manner,  because I am really going for the loanshark at this time, which my Mayor Street
friends discouraged.

So, short bursts of sleep, and series of graphic books in the works, a life saving  rescue by my brother, and the unflinching loyalty of friends, what else is there to  be thankful for?

It’s the little things.

  • Those free Uni Ball Eye pens that went with my purchase of three felt-tip pens at National Bookstore. I was looking for drawing ink but bought a 03, 06 and 08 Uni Pen and didn’t realize till I was home that the freebies were put in my bag.
  • Books and audiobooks.
  • Pares and Mami carts that provide delicious sustenance for the thrift. The chili and fried garlic added liberally makes it better.
  • Gigabytes of data riding tiny USB flashdrives. The 80s saw a Chess Grandmaster square off with Big Blue, a machine that was powered by 1Gb of data that was stored in something as big as a house. Nowadays you could carry the data you need 32 times over on a thumb drive.
  • Coffee. No buts about it.
  • Street corner laundry service. Even if I try to do my ow washing, sometimes it’s better to have them done, just because I have nowhere to hang the laundry to dry in my current inhabited space.
  • Mp3. Digital music. Yes, I long to hear music the way it should be heard, on vinyl, on a phonograph, with the amp and speakers tuned through an extensive equalizer set up and played loud. But I need a home to do that, and in this city living, Mp3 is my saviour. I could write and draw continuously with my favorites playing in the background.
  • Mall comfort rooms. Don’t ask.
  • Analog mobile phones. Smirk at the idea, but the way I see people griping about battery life and lugging extra powerbanks just so they can browse continuously, I go for the bar phone that lasts a week with a single charge. And don’t get me started about android updates, nor iPhone upgrades.
  • Twitter. And no, not for reasons most people think.
  • Internet connection. However shitty the service is, still something to be thankful about.
  • Blogging. Not for fame, nor profit, but for my sanity.
  • Wix!
  • Technology in general. Most people take this for granted but growing up with less, access to modern technology is still a joy to behold.
  • Movies. In data format. I could marathon The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings as often as I want. And all the films I want to seeover and over.
  • My landlady. Her kind heart let me stay even if I can hardly pay the rent. She understands, bless her.

And we could go on and on about the little things that make life worth going through each day, but go list your own.

Simple and Practical Stuff 001

Call me cheap. Call me a scrooge, a miser, if you will. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words cannot kill me, yadda-yadda. Not unless you are Gandalf with a potent incantation wielded with ardor, I’m good. I’m good.

So, everybody seems to create their own lists, why not make my own, right? Doesn’t matter. Have to appear consistent with these entries so I guess a list, or lists should fill the void and gaps while my so-called creativity is still in demand with my work.

As the title says, only simple and practical stuff in the list. Let’s start with my own advocacy of the affordable, whether it is technology, foodstuffs, literature or just about anything with mundane and dull written over it.

Now, it’s imperative that you understand, these suggestions come from someone like me, which is another way of saying that what you might read here might not jive with your fashion sense (if any), the common norm of expensive taste ( aah-choo! ) or the conventional dictates of the material world we have come to know.

1. CD-R King – Bought an MP3 player ( Php 1,080.00 ) that is so small, it can evade the snobbish looks people with expensive iPods and Sony players tend to exhibit. Don’t get me wrong. We all dream of owning really cool gadgets that go with your average costly lifestyle, but if there are cheaper alternatives, why spend more, right? With 1gb of memory and an FM tuner to boot, this one can store approximately 160 plus songs in mp3 format, depending on your compression preferences. I choose to limit my compression at 128kbps so as not to lose precious bass and enough sound layers. The earphones are okay, but I bought an A4 Tech earplugs at Abenson (another treasure chest for bargain seekers ) at Php 350.00 that rivals the dexterity of more expensive earphones in the Continue reading