Complaints And Grievances

I had done with this and moved along. But someone thought it best to remind me of this. And it’s all because they are going to do something, relaunch , I think, another venture, another magazine, with another name. I thought about it. But the fact that the blog post was complaints and grievances about their insensitivity with outsourced manpower, and the really peanuts worth of pay they give out, and to think they will be paying a marketing or advertising agency thousands and thousands of pesos to rebuild their name in the industry, I feel you should read about it, and be wary. After all, weddings are big business for everyone with a camera and a printing facility nowadays, the designers and graphics artists are still treated like beasts of burden, just water and food , thank you. Read all about it.

The designs and layout I did are still up on my website, poorly paid though I may be from that venture, good thing is, I do have a portfolio of these magazine ads. Not the way I want them to look,  mostly because the client wants to put every photo they have, or the lack of it. The things we do for a buck.


I’m getting better with letting go. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Because I have learned that letting it pass can be economical for one’s emotional and professional being. Some sticky situations you just have to get through and move on.

But anyway, this is about some situations that keeps on dragging because people keep making things complicated. Like Villacorta muddying up the puddle that Tito Sotto‘s feet is currently dipped in. It’s like
professionalism has become just a byline and not the code. They keep shifting the blame to anybody but themselves.

Actually, this is about my own, personal bone to pick with Island Weddings Magazine. I have been good natured when my queries were ignored, simply because I thought these guys are like me, busy as a bee. But time and again, they would send me freelance work that are too painfully full of holes, in a manner of speaking. Have you done layout jobs…

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