Wrong Timing, Bad Timing, (Reprise)

I received this email from Maynilad 11:01 AM (8 hours ago) and opened and read the whole thing  at 7:40pm.

The date on the email is 20 June 2012. I guess things are really slow in their world. Took them more than 24 hours to transmit one email. But I am thankful they took the time to explain their side, although it doesn’t really help.

The slideshow is a trio of screencaps I took of my inbox.

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20 June 2012

 Dear Mr. Paelmo:

 This is in reference to your blog entry published in the http://screamingmango.wordpress.com last June 7, 2012 entitled “Wrong Timing, Bad Timing” regarding the construction projects along Ero St., Novaliches, Quezon City.

 Please note that the photos of road diggings you posted and identified as a “Maynilad project” are actually road and drainage construction projects of the Quezon City government along Eros St. and Bernardino Road.

 Maynilad’s participation in this undertaking is limited to some pipe relocations along Eros St., which we did at the request of the local government to give way to their project. Our contractors began relocating the water mainline and service connections last May 28, 2012 and completed the work by June 6, 2012.

 For questions and reports regarding our projects, we encourage the public to call our Maynilad Hotline 1626.




Corporate Communications

Wrong Timing, Bad Timing

Most of the time I worry about the mental state of those people elected or appointed by those we voted for with optimism, and hope. We don’t seem to pick the right person for the job. Just like the old adage “always a Bridesmaid but never a Bride.”

There’s just not enough logic to go around, we may have mistakenly put all our marbles in one basket and wished it would stay there forever.

Now those marbles are lost.

Most of it, anyway.

I am not an Engineer. Not an Architect either. Never had the chance to involve myself with the intimacies of building houses, laying pipes nor paving roads. But I think I do possess a certain rationale, that when repairing a road, or what’s underneath these roads, requires dry climate,  a team of skilled workers to systematically dig the street, replace tubes and pipes, prep the dig for setting and cement and enough heat and warmth to cure the concrete pavement.

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