Anybody For Compositing?

I was suddenly  an editor, at least for the time being. We had to pool our resources so that my Boss’ trip to Korea would yield, if anything else, opportunities for our studio.

I was a bit flustered and scared.

I know Windows Vista Movie Maker. I play with MSO Powerpoint. Heck, I was downloading through bittorrents and compressing clips with DivX. I thought I knew the basics at editing.

I was so arrogant to think that. Humbled is the word.

Had to learn the rudiments of Adobe Premier at such short notice. Assistant Director and Flash Meister Arvin will render the painted scenes through Adobe After Effects, to make a sort of production line so that everyone has something to do.

Good thing, my curiosity still push me to acquire skills. I put together our short GhostFriends teaser. The selection of file types to save into was bloody murder, but I lived through it.

And afterwards, I felt nostalgic for all those media players that passed in my life ( a tear just rolled down the cheek). I’m a movie nut. a real couch potato. Love to do marathon movies. If I had to choose which is the best media player online these days ( ooops, my celluloid dreams mainly consist of movie clips watched on my pc ) I would enumerate those that tckled my fancy –

wmplayerEvery one who has learned to use the computer is stuck with WMP for audio and video. it’s free, it’s quirky, but over all, accessible to every tom,dick, and jeszebel to use. as long as there’s some good files in its library.

But when you begin to discern certain things as pixel clarity, compression, stuff you would normally dismiss as geeky, then comes the logning for something more. So one tries to look for a better player, and stumbles unto something elsewinamp, WinAmp, whose looks are waaay cool than WMP, and the UI is much too friendly. Click on the video and some codecs are missing ( codecs is an entirely different postaltogether) but manages to play the clip. Looks better too.

And then, one day, your browser asked to download a quicktime plugin ( this is when you try to watch movie trailers at but your IE is just too old. Quicktime proves to be something better at showing videos. Much clearer, crisp details and the audio is good, if you have the codecs ( again another matter entirely) but you download anyway, so you can also play those porn samplers when nobody is looking.quicktime

So loyalty shifted. But quicktime is just too choosy, so you look for SHAREWARE, a weird word but is really cool. Discovering other mediaplayers is like being in a supermarket -you wanna try ’em all!

When DivX came along, my eyes watered at the beautiful Luma and Chroma when it plays my movie clips. The experience was like watching a movie at your local cinema house wiothout the cockroaches and the occassional rat.divxplayer

Even joined the Stage6 DivX powered video uploads website community auntil evrything went topsy turvy and they started bringing down subscribers and contributors. Again the search for a better media player continues. Enter NERO Showtime and AlShow. two disparate players but with better video rendering and the codecs are more pliant to the viewers taste.

Even downloaded different skins for these.alshow

But powerful these media players are, each has some quirks hard to overlook. Because there’s always some codec missing, or file recognition issues.

Or am I just too lazy to do research?

showtimeEven realplayer started to feel uncomfortable to use. Darn it, all I want is to set up my movies, grab saome grub, brew some coffee ( about a gallon of it) and sit back and enjoy my favorite movies on my data storage.


Ca’nt afford the whole DVD CD lifestyle, that’s why And what do I end up?

What’s the best media player running on my desktop these days? You’ll be surprised  –

media-player-classic-homecinemaThe Media Player Classic.

All of the thrills.

All of the frills.

Less of the spills.

And it works fine with my OS.

And come to think of it, an elaborate UI design just gets in the way of enjoyment.

I’m not asking you to shift media players. But if you had to, then I highly recommend this.

No kidding.

Sounds good too!