48 Hours and 3 Meters of Water

I looked back and there it was, six years ago. Things change. but then, nothing really changes. Just look at all of that water. The only difference is, when we were in college, we endured floods like it was part of our education, not some hardship. And still the seasonal flooding of Metro Manila never fails. Even if the leadership changes from time to time, or promises of plans to eradicate the liquid menace every campaign trail holds, nothing has changed.


August 7

Earlier this week, after that incident with the taxi, Filipinos braved a somewhat familiar situation: The overflowing creeks and sewers from the deluge of water from the heavens. Once again we got stumped by the sheer stupidity of not taking an umbrella to work ( mine was borrowed and never returned, and I liked that umbrella) and joined the throng of humans and rats trying to stay dry, which is futile, considering the amount of rain that poured.

August 8

Come morning, lookie-looky, everything’s just like a scene from Frank Herbert‘s  The Lazarus Effect, and my thoughts return to my comfy bed and and some hot soup. But we all have to work so, banish the thought and put on that jacket.

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Mea Culpa : Epilogue

Comrade, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

I should stop explaining myself to people.

Did Just that.

Mea Culpa.

From now on, my loyalty is to my family and friends. Employment will be strictly on a professional level only.

It’s a problem with dogs like me. Loyal to a fault. But loyal dogs, when untended and neglected can turn rabid. It’s the scheme of things.

Mea Culpa.

Nobody’s fault but mine.

I clung too long on emotional attachments. Four years doing all sorts of things just to keep the flow and yet still just a referral? I should really have left when I needed to. But going over several (read: huge) applicants, one-day attendees, transient employees should have told me something about my job description. Hell, even in the programming side, very few stuck around, all the good ones that remain are either just trying to get through or waiting for the climate to change.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

And for a company that deals with communication, they are very uncommunicative nowadays. Understandable, in fact, because they are not used to having ex-employees snap back at them.

So now what do I do? Move on.

My professionalism was in question. Who’s being unprofessional now?

I gained freedom.

They will be going through applicants for the rest of the year, replacing those that will leave, or worse, those that reported for work but never came back.

Mea Culpa.

Time to forgive myself for being such a lousy loyal schmuck.

Entrance Fee Just To Get in?

Bottom light, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

I find myself amused and annoyed by this current social norm. Don’t you just feel you’re being ripped off? I mean, pay a certain amount just to get in a bar or pub? What the heck is that? You pay for the food, the drinks, but to shell out a premium just to step in and experience the smoke, noise and cheesy music (or if you are unfortunate enough, a coin-op videoke machine) is just too darn much. But hey, most of my kababayans (countrymen) get off on feeling rich and ‘in-with-the-in-crowd’ and spend too much but always end up neck deep in IOUs.

Good thing I found people and friends who don’t need expensive places to enjoy good company and food, humor and camaraderie. But, jeez, if only I could be able to most of the time . . . . .missed another ‘session’ last night. . . .