48 Hours and 3 Meters of Water

I looked back and there it was, six years ago. Things change. but then, nothing really changes. Just look at all of that water. The only difference is, when we were in college, we endured floods like it was part of our education, not some hardship. And still the seasonal flooding of Metro Manila never fails. Even if the leadership changes from time to time, or promises of plans to eradicate the liquid menace every campaign trail holds, nothing has changed.


August 7

Earlier this week, after that incident with the taxi, Filipinos braved a somewhat familiar situation: The overflowing creeks and sewers from the deluge of water from the heavens. Once again we got stumped by the sheer stupidity of not taking an umbrella to work ( mine was borrowed and never returned, and I liked that umbrella) and joined the throng of humans and rats trying to stay dry, which is futile, considering the amount of rain that poured.

August 8

Come morning, lookie-looky, everything’s just like a scene from Frank Herbert‘s  The Lazarus Effect, and my thoughts return to my comfy bed and and some hot soup. But we all have to work so, banish the thought and put on that jacket.

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“It was raining hard . . .and the streets are flooded!”

If I was still in college and spewed these words to placate a fuming Instructor as a result of my tardiness, I’d be melting in embarassment. Fortunately, this is 2007, a decade and a half AC (after college) and been working for a company, whose Admins/Big Guns are really sensible people. They did not hire me for my good looks so some of my minor offenses like this Thursday is obscured.

It was, primarily my fault, really. I got up at 6:30am, which is unusual because I always wake up at 4:00am and be on the road (walking, not driving. I don’t know how to drive, much less own a car). And yes it was raining hard so I expected water levels to rise and fill the streets with filthy stuff. Sure enough, I was wet like I just came out of the bathroom when I got to the office. I was feeling mighty actually. Because I took the jeepney plying the Libertad-Landmark-via-Pasay RD-route, and was giggling like a school girl when I saw people in their huge SUVs getting all pale and frightened by driving though the flood. We were in a vehicle far inferior and less sophisticated and yet, we were cruising the impromptu swamp like a hovercraft. There were other SUVs that stalled somewhere near Don Bosco. Hah! What good is a 4×4, big wheeled, gas guzzling car if you can’t even negotiate a simple flooded street? And most of us passengers are grinning like cats when we passed a Toyota Fortuner being pushed by a couple of fashion victims along Pasong Tamo.


Oh, and we finally got the package and installed our spanking new, all-legal, very expensive Adobe Web Premium Software. More on this next time . . .

When It Rains, It Floods

And I ain’t talking about the weather.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Part of it has something to do with the weather, and the climate, and the phases of the moon. The Lunar cycle, in particular, has a big influence on what has happened since July 31. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

For starters, visiting the National Center for Mental Health is something I’d rather not recommend. Nay, I will say this for all you weak minded individuals to stay clear of that place, unless you are studying Nursing, forced by parents or being your own personal calling, under no circumstances should you visit a mental institution.

No, it’s not about the patients, but the supposed NORMAL people there whom you should be wary of. Try asking a Nurse at the station and you’ll know what I mean. Stay clear out of their way and they’ll be biding their time. Now, if you want to ask something, say the schedule for the doctor’s rounds, and right then and there, the person you are faced with turns into a busybody all in a wink, and will give you that irritated-don’t-bug-me look and answer in a non-coherent fashion similar to boxers who got hit twice in the eye. All I want to know was the exact time I can talk to the doctor so I can make plans for my brother [the patient in this story, and will elaborate a little later] who if all went well, that is, the NCMH definition of well, will be free to go and cause pandemonium again in my hometown, including the hapless family he has brought into this world, whom, thank the heavens are very normal and functional.

Just a word of caution. If the you people had the chance to be in the said institution, bring some patience and restraint for yourself. The sane can be very annoying.