New Stuff Coming

Went to a meeting and forum about the gaming industry at BPA/P office in The Palisades, in Salcedo, Makati, being hosted by Cesar Tolentino, a very genial man who seem to have this perpetual smile for everyone he meets.

The man was with the ASEAN-Japan Forum in Singapore, and this was what prompted him to invite us and discuss what we can show (hopefully what we can sell) to prospective buyers.

Yes we are now looking at foreign companies coming in and looking for stuff to buy, namely in the gaming, animation, music, and any content we can provide. We were there along with Komikasi and Secret6 among others (sorry, guys, forgot to ask around about you but I will get around to it.) and will be at the next eServices Event come April 2011.

So what does this tell me?

A lot.

I have a story fit to be made into an epic animation or game, whichever comes first. Also I have loads of games and stories just waiting to be unleashed. My studio (we’ll I don’t own the place, I just work there) houses probably the most talented set of artists and programmers I can come across in my lifetime (and believe me, I have met and seen people who claim to be, but are not). Immersive Animation Inc., however small the pool of talents maybe, compensates for multiplicity. People here are so talented, we have practically most of the elements needed for a big studio to function – skills in drawing and illustration, character design, bg design, music (yes, music, man!), game design, story writing, and a bunch of really cool skills.

We have at least till March 2011 to pool up resources, create some previews and just be awesome in our chosen vocation: the art of being totally creative, awesome and good-looking!

The game is on!

Twitter, Delicious, MyBloglog . . . .Can’t Keep Up!

Redone with Adobe Flash

Redone with Adobe Flash

Been recollecting my thoughts and trying to keep up with my accounts I signed up for a couple of years before. Darn. Had to to delete my Friendster just because it’s way too crowded, along with some other social networking accounts I registered with just so I can study the darned thing and apply them into my UI designs. Not much help.

Anyway, haven’t posted any decent (if there was such a thing as a decent post in this blog) recently. Truth is I’m having fun with Adobe Flash and my new studio proved very accomodating. And even with a limited budget, I still function like a twenty-year-old!

Yup, the mango is still raging!