I Am Everything That’s Wrong In The World

And it may be true. For what my brothers and a few relatives think. Or maybe everyone around me see me as the biggest asshole they have ever met.

Could be true, you know. If you see me in my black tees, jeans and worn out shoes, closely cropped hair, earring on one ear, smoking a cigarette, then I guess I am the quintessential stereotype, up-to-no-good hooligan you see everyday on the street.

I gave up caring about it.

I had the made another mistake of helping out a brother who is clearly having some difficulties with rising up to the occasion, money wise. Mind you, I’m strapped for funds myself, but hey, blood is blood, and I think it’s a good idea at the time.

Or so, I thought.

Then came the time that all those funds and helping out really brought me low with the current economy. I just had to ask him to cover for one of my numerous dues. I believed he would keep true to his word. But he didn’t. And it made things worse. I was paying installment for a motorcycle I haven’t had the pleasure of riding. My wife has an affliction that eats up the nutrients on her bones that keeps on tugging at our meager monies. In order for me to maintain a good working relationship with my employer, I maintain an apartment close to my workplace. Amidst all that, I managed to deprive myself of earthly delights and let my brother use some of my hard-earned pay so he can do what he needs to do to provide for his family.

Noble deed, should someone need to label it.

I think of it as a normal, sensible thing to do. Continue reading


I know it’s an ugly word to use.

But for the past ten days, we’ve been  calling Globe about transferring our phonelines  a floor higher, since we swapped rooms with the people on the fourth floor (and that is an entirely aggravating story on it’s own).

What is it with companies hiring call center agents ( cough, cough) professionals to do their customer relations? I mean, how could they? It’s bad enough these so-called-educated freaks try to mesmerize you with their own idea of being fluent in the English language, and would try to use high handed words to sound knowledgeable. But the fact is, these are just mere lip services they spill at you.

We’ve made the request for Globe about the transfer last March 31, and it took some 9 more days, some 12 call center agents, a lot of wrong information going around their insipid work environment and a whole bunch of confused aggravation these wannabes had caused. It took me 6 hours of unrelenting questions to, get this, 3 call center supervisors just so they can pretend they understand the situation.


They don’t. If they did, it wouldn’t have taken 9 days to transfer a phoneline to another floor, just above , and when the tech people did came (it was a team of 4) they did it in just short of two hours.


These call center agents do NOT! Yeah they have these Supervisor titles, they try to sound educated, with their preset responses, and their Starbucks coffee mugs and their insolent swagger, and yet they do not deliver.

So Gilbert Bautista and Rodilyn Rangas, if these are your real names, are you really educated , sensible people, along with Che and Leslie and Rex. and Ojie and the other wannabes in your call center?When you talk to people, be sure you back up what you say. Be sure that the customer’s requests are taken to the right channels so that the service will be implemented. Or am i just like talking to the wind here?

Globe, just like Smart is a communication company that is very hard to communicate with. And why are you hiring morons to do your customer relations?