Overheard . . .

dsc00002.jpgA fashionably correct trio of two guys and a girl (sounds like a tv show) were candidly strutting by while I stop to look for my lighter, after being dropped off at the stop from the unusually fast ride from Bicol to Manila. The situation as it happened:

guy1: Pucha! Wala na ako yosi! ( Sonofa . . I’m all out of smokes! )

girl: Here, make kuha from mine. ( Do I have to translate this? Oh well [Here, take mine])

guy2: Hoy ako din! Kanina pa ako naglalaway. ( Me too! I’m dying for a cigarette.)

The two guys (at least they sound like males) tried to beat the other one taking a stick, a cigarette fell on the pavement, resulting in a chorus of oooohs, and pucha (bitch) and tangina (sonofayouknowwhat).

girl: Wag mo na damputin yan. Ngii, kadiri ng kalye baka magkasakit ka pa dyan sa germs! ( DON’T PICK THAT UP! THE STREET’S FILTHY, YOU MIGHT CATCH SOME DISEASE FROM GERMS!)

And I just laughed without lighting my own cigarette, walking so I can laugh a little more. Such is the irony in life.

Leave My Smoke Alone

I don’t heckle you about your expensive clothes being washed with equally costly, non-biodegradable detergent, and your strong smelling cologne and aerosol spray body deodorant that’s more dangerous than diesel fumes. You won’t hear me preaching about the against the perils of early baldness from the thick layer of gel or wax on your hair. Heck I don’t even care whether you got run over by a truck for wearing dark glasses at night. Please, leave my smoke alone. Your house probably contains most of the toxic substances known to man, with your preference for anything TV/Media sells you.