My New Home Set Up

…and this has proven to be very effective now that I have a lot to do, update my portfolio, accept freelance jobs, study my DTI Requisites, watch my movies, play my music, numb myself with Plants vs. Zombies and over all creativity.

It’s A Blur…..

….but last week, I had to say goodbye, with emotions in check, to those artists and code monkeys at Immersive Animation. My own flaw – I get so attached to people I work with, which is understandable, because there’s not much of us really twisted minds to work with. Good luck to you guys.

… stuff looming on the horizon. Now I’m thinking, Caustic Creations can sustain itself through freelance jobs doing layouts for print, web design, AVPs, stuff that I can spew out on a regular basis. It’s fun, so why not earn from these?

……and then, bought my first set of pc table and monobloc chair from DL Furniture in Paco. I had fun canvassing stuff that day. I was haggling like a fishwife, trying to look for good deals, and I got one. I’m assuming I was talking to Mr. William De Lara of DL Furniture, and the man was gracious enough to accomodate even my most inane inquiries. The table cost me Php1,000, a black imitation wood finish in a metal frame, with sliding drawer and keyboard panel. Tha chair is Php250.00, also in black.Took the hardware home in a box on my right hand (heavy) and the chair on my shoulder, and rode the jeepney. Cost me Php10.00 to transport the whole caboodle. Not bad for my first acquisition. You could find DL Furniture at 1339 P.Gil St. (Herran St) Paco, Manila with telephone number 5362608.

……. so now I’m working on some tarp layouts. Also a web design for a Safety Training Facility. This week, I have people to meet, places to go. Full schedule ahead!

……. and it took me about 2 hours to assemble my pc table. Ha ha ha ha! And it was fun!

……. people who like to wear strong cologne or imitation fragrances should be fed to the wolves. Or the cats in the alley. Their smell is so offensive you could asphyxiate just by sitting beside them on a bus or jeepney.

……. and more adventures from my venture will be my regular entries from here on in.

Uh oh. . .Now I’ve Gone And Done It

It’s one of those things that happen so fast, you just got to cling for dear life and hope what you did will turn out to be right.

In this case, even I surprised myself by deciding to just drop everything and to go ahead and jump into the fire, not really knowing what lies ahead but it sure beats trying to beat somebody’s idea of a deadline and doing someone else’s bidding.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not out to burn bridges. But sometimes it’s very hard to back down. Even when you were among those people you like working for and love working with, people who are really into it once the vibe flows.

Call it a leap of faith.

I want to show what I can do, what these hands can whip up, what stories I want to tell and the mayhem I can deliver. Visual, that is.

And boy what a start!