The Retelling Of The Tale: Musical Tales

There was a scene in The Hobbit where the dwarves were having a feast, despite Bilbo‘s adamant protests. And indeed we have a sort of Gandalf  within our motley crew of misfits. It was really very much like my hooligan years, so very like this photo

Childhood friends

Childhood friends

I couldn’t understand why that scene brought to mind my age of decadence and hedonism. Ha ha! Later I realized, each of these gatherings always have beer, or any kind of liquor, for that matter. There’d be food, insults and bullshit, laughter, the works! And of course, the music and the singing. [That is me, holding the songbook and a microphone, with Arniel, a far better singer and definitely better looking] Continue reading

The Retelling Of The Tale: Stories

I enjoyed “The Hobbit“. It was as if the two hours and forty-something minutes was too short to have had the pleasure of taking part in an adventure.

Not because of the HFR, nor the excellent cast and locations, although these aspects of the movie did add to the  joy of watching and unravelling the whole Middle Earth tales and adventures. It was the way the stories were retold by Peter Jackson, or the visuals the whole outfit created this beautiful, sprawling, I should say, rambling place full of character and characters, if you know what I mean.

It Is In The Retelling Of The Tale

Middle Earth inspired sketch

But I always get ahead of myself. Maybe because I woke up in the middle of night and felt the need to write these thoughts down.

Let me tell you something first about my love for stories. Continue reading