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Redone with Adobe Flash

Redone with Adobe Flash

Been recollecting my thoughts and trying to keep up with my accounts I signed up for a couple of years before. Darn. Had to to delete my Friendster just because it’s way too crowded, along with some other social networking accounts I registered with just so I can study the darned thing and apply them into my UI designs. Not much help.

Anyway, haven’t posted any decent (if there was such a thing as a decent post in this blog) recently. Truth is I’m having fun with Adobe Flash and my new studio proved very accomodating. And even with a limited budget, I still function like a twenty-year-old!

Yup, the mango is still raging!

Good Friday

CIMG0801-copy, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

It’s 2:13pm, we just got up from spending the early hours of the afternoon sprawled in front of the tv, trying to understand the seven last words while the girls are fighting for Liezel’s attention, while we old people are struggling to stay awake. Switched to Studio23 and got instead the ever reliable Camdens of Seventh Heaven marathon, which is kind of what I look forward every Holy Week. Not that it affects me spiritually, but the fact that theirs is not so much different from the rest of us deviant, dysfunctional families that I could identify with their plight.

Sort of.

Anyway, as Kuya Kim said, it will be somewhat disconcerting to suffer in this heat, while up there looms some rainclouds. No big deal, living here at the farm has taught me to adapt to the weather. We ganged up on a big papaya we picked from our favorite tree and splurged in all our gluttony on its succulence. On the stove are Saba bananas cooking in boiling water for later. I peeked at the metal basin cover to look at the Ginataang Talbos ng Kamoteng Kahoy we had for lunch and was temporarily tempted to get some rice and have some more. But, I turned to the girls and almost lost my portion of the papaya. It was BIG, but no telling what my wife, two girls and my mother in law will do to the hapless papaya if I hadn’t intervened.

At 3:00pm all electric gadgets are turned off and Liezel settled to pick small stones and husks from our rice and the girls are playing ” tinda-tinadahan ” out in the yard while I tend to the fire that’s cooking up yet another feast, boiled bananas. A maya bird decided to investigate our kitchen, but since we are misers with our food, left disappointed. The place seems one noisy occupant less since we sold our goat. And the chickens are having a great time exploring the yard, all two and a half hectares of happiness and tranquility. Of course there’s Polo, our good looking dog that doesn’t agree with anything that involves washing up.Incidentally, it was supposed to be Piolo, as in the actor, but Iya cannot pronounce Piolo straight so we settled for Polo, which consequently became Polo Pasyal, just because the darn puppy loves to wander about, and then became Polo Wento, because at his young age, he was not much of a guard dog, but now it’s Polo Porma, because the puppy is growing up up to be one handsome dog. Of course, taking a bath is still his bane but nonetheless, the dog has character. Out there, yellow kingfishers with black wings seem to be having fun in pairs. Saya-saya birds are frolicking among the bushes, those beautiful reddish brown birds with long black tails, ever majestic and camera shy. Have to shoot them one day. Photos, I mean. Why’d you think I abhor the use of guns? I’d rather use a knife. Not that it’s of use to my photographic delusions, but I guess you get the picture.

At about this time Jesus Christ died on the cross.Still in his early thirties and already dead. I’m 40 and still surprised at being a live. So, the bananas are almost done. The girls have grown tired outside and finally went inside to play. People are walking, riding habal-habal or hitching a ride to town, probably to watch or join the procession. Elsewhere, the beaches would be full of bitching vacationers and bored children. Somewhere too, would be people trying to re-assert their failure as a human by turning spiritual all of a sudden. Going to visita iglesias and pilgrimages.

Want to be closer to Heaven?

Want to be closer to GOD? We all are.

You just don’t get it.

Look around.

If you can’t see the beauty of the world, then you are in trouble my friend.

Have a boiled banana. . . . .