So What’s An Unemployed 39-Year-Old Does With His Time?

Watch movies.

Mind you, even if Stage6 is dead, I still have enough movies and favorite TV shows to last me  till the next craving for more sets in.

I do have quite a collection of downloaded videos, most of them I don’t get tired of watching over and over again. And they are of good quality, considering the fact that they were downloads, your local bootleg source for VCDs and DVDs cannot hold a candle to these babies.

The best Sci-Fi movies around. That’s why I have them in my motley collection –

Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick – The storytelling in both films are good. If it wasn’t, why would I even bother talking about it? Ther Star Wars books and movies have indeed been assimilated into our consciousness ( at least mine does) that somewhere, somehow, humanlike beings in another space or dimension or parallel universe for that matter, exist. Diesel fits perfectly for the role. He’s got the voice and the brawn to go with it. Subtle FX and very convincing visuals make these two films worth watching.

Blade Runner – Got the 2oth Anniversary Remastered, re-Cut version. The Director’s Cut was eerily beautiful with the absence of music sountracks. But this one has all of it and more. Rutger Hauer has never been so Aryan, so threatening, so inhuman in any movie than this. In contrast to the clean, organized feel of Star Trek, Blade Runner runs close to the vein. Brooding and often gloomy in its storytelling, Blade Runner cuts deep.

I, Robot – Asimov must have been proud. The modern man’s dilemma of technology and tradition clashing. And the stark truth about humans more inhuman than machines. Will Smith has the falir for choosing the right projects. I really thought the visuals are very good. The music is cool, too!

Aliens – ” Get away from her, you BITCH!” Never has any expletive been directed to any Terran or Earthbound creature so potent. Ripley saves the day reluctantly, while the xenomorph plastered itself into the the halls of monsterdom as one of its enduring favorites. Also a new, remastered version, this movie has all the scenes intact,  since when it had its run in the 80s some where cut to fit the screening time. Gopod thing. I love to know what really happened before Newt became her quirky self. Again, compared to other sci-fi movies, this one has dark tones and really kickass attitude.

Equilibrium – Man has been cured! No more aggression. Prozium is the saviour of mankind. And so it goes. Father dishing out bullshit , and the Grammaton Cleric enforcing the law. But man is basically an animal and has got to find his own way of expressing his emotions. Nice. Graceful fight scenes. Not bad for short roles, Sean Bean is. Bale’s features figures perfectly. All in all, very interesting.

The Transformers – If people didn’t like it, then they are out of their wits. I instantly slip into my childhood fantasy everytime I watch this movie. Not like the animated series, but a lot more. Nuff said.