The Desolation of Smaug

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Disney: Hand-Drawn Cartoons Coming to TV This Summer

Got wind of this, oh, about a week ago, I think. I don’t really recall when, but the idea of hand-drawn (read: manual) animation process being abandoned just makes me feel . . . uh . . . old.


Old-school Disney fans were saddened last week when, at a shareholder’s meeting for the company, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the hand-drawn 2-D animation for which the studio has long been known — the style that made Walt Disney a household name — was no longer part of the company’s movie plans. Disney’s future cartoons will, as far as we know, be entirely computer-generated.

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But those missing the good old days may take solace in the other half of Iger’s remarks, in which he said: “There is a fair amount of activity going on in hand-drawn animation right now, but it’s largely for television.”

The studio will announce this evening, March 12, at its New York City “upfronts” presentation of the 2013–14 programming schedule, that 19 hand-drawn Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts will debut on television and online…

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The Retelling Of The Tale: Conclusion or Continuation

My own travel itinerary trapped within the pages, embedded in the music.

So why am I rambling about music?

Because The Lord of The Rings, more so with the unabridged version, as well as The Hobbit, and my current favorite read, The Children of Hurin, are books full of songs. Middle Earth‘s inhabitants pass on their wisdon through song, much like our own ancestors did.

These books, these movies, the music, all are retelling of stories heard, seen and handed down, generation after generation. And there is a certain novelty and homage when an artist  plays a character emulated from his predecessor, when a musician records a piece of music remembered from his youth, but sings it in a way that the song becomes his own. Even a good book changes with each reading. The  Beatles’ songs are being retold with every generation of musicians. So how come we have jazz musicians jamming on Hank Williams music?  And so what if Robocop is getting a new movie.? Continue reading