Komiket 2016

Changing Skin

3 panels on an ongoing project

There was a feeling of life playing a huge joke on me, and I was not amused. It’s a long story, if you care to read my previous posts that are full of anger, rancor and resignation. My last job application started with a high note and dropped flat when I came to the chorus. It sucks I know, but tha’s how life is. It was just too rattling because, my wife and daughters are looking forward to me being happily employed and making myself a productive member of the society again. I also told my friends about it, and they were ecstatic. I dread to tell them that what happened at the last minute. I’m a vet when it comes to disappointments, me being a disappointment myself.

Or so I thought.

Actually, I have been too entrenched in my own hubris that it took some time before I realized, that I have been limiting myself to the fact that my last employment was something that was too good to be true, even the illusion disintegrated after three years without having been upgraded to regular status. I think was l;ooking for another pot of gold. I was, in an unconscious effort, trying to land another source of income with the highest payday I have ever experienced.


Tough luck,that.

I’m 45 going on 46, “over qualified” for some reason I cannot comprehend, and got ditched  at my last attempt at employment with another tv network, even if theysaid I have completed everything and even went through the prerequisite PhysMed Exam.

So I wallowed in my misery that I forgot I can do more than just in-betweening animations, graphic art, motion graphics and illustrations.

Definitely more.

The door opened wider and I saw more of what’s outside.

I’m ready to get out of this trap.

I’m writing Sci-Fi Shorts, drawing comics and just last night a chance to earn with something I have done before – communication.

I am after all, a Mass Communiations drop out. But the mojo is still there.

Taking A Step Back. [A cross-blog post]


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