Face To Face With The Past

I went to the National Museum this afternoon.

I have come face to face with my ancestry.

I need research for my stories, information that will fill the
gaps in my stories and what have been lacking in our
collective consciousness – the nameless heroes of old.


I asked the guide, since we were only allowed mobile
phones (on silent mode, of course) and no-flash cameras.
Fortunately, a friend gave me his android phone and now I
have the convenience of capturing anything within the
confines of the museum.

Suggested to proceed, my instinct told me to start from
the top, which is the 4th floor and work my way down.

What can i say? It was completely overwnelming. What
was mere images on the internet are there just a few feet
from my face and I had to keep myself from acting like a
schoolboy copping his first feel.

It was that exciting.

So go ahead, call me nerd. I don’t care. Next to libraries, a
museum is sacred to me. Too bad the film showing was set
at 2pm and no one was there yet to line up, I decided to
check out the museum library and there it was, right
smack in the middle of the building. But I didn’t stay long,
just needled the custodian about reference books and
how to go about bringing stuff for taking notes. It was
then that another source was close at hand – the National
Archives – and I think it’s worth going out of the house
once a week to ride the rail and do some walking.

I would have loved to scrutinize everything insde the
taxidermy wing but it was closed. There’re lots of things I
can enjoy while visiting the museum. Truth be told The
Spoliarium was one of my target exhibit but I have a very
short time. But there will be next times. In plural.

A single trip to the museum is utterly futile. To take in
everything, one must come in early and just bask in the
past, immerse in the culture that is fast being forgotten
and reach back to when and where our ancestors
worked, played, loved, fought, won and lost, and survived.
I went there to seek some form or another, of stories of
ancient Filipino warriors, what I got was more engaging
and definitely enlightening.

If only I could stay a bit longer.

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