And Just Like That . . .


It’s always a problem when I treat a project like my own.

If I was given a task to do, with just an idea, or a concept to work on, I try to learn everything there is to know, or maybe just enough to understand what the outcome should be. It doesn’t matter if the job is an illustration, motion graphics or web design. There is a time as the work progresses that I adopt the project as my own.

Lo and behold, it’s taking shape, exhibiting behavior, showing purpose and cadence. Indeed, we often treat our work as infants brought into the world. Forget the fact that I was hired to do it. The baby is growing.

Now all of a sudden, some nitwit thinks it could have been done better, or this shouldn’t be there. You know, pedestrians posing as analysts. Or worse, as experts.

They weren’t there when I was thinking of putting a bar here and what it should represent. They weren’t around when this column was built to function as a menu. It’s always the same. I expound on an idea. I stretch the concept to make it work.

When I started out to do this, I began with a simple design and built it on an empty space. This is what thinking out of the box is all about. Emulating but begging to differ. Taking inspiration from influences yet going the other way of conventionality.

And just like that . .

I have to move on to more lucrative projects.

It’ doesn’t matter now whether I get paid in full, or they dock the rest just to piss me off, like the other stiff suit who tried to downplay my creativity (whom, by the way is also somehow involved with the project I don’t want to mention) .

They weren’t even there when the idea came into fruition. They were clueless all about it until they saw the thing up and running.

It’s not just me, I collaborated with some real wizards who made it all stand up. They put together what I visualized.

And just like that . . .

I just feel I let down the people who asked me to stand by this project and see it through. it’s up and running, although looking more like a Picasso than a Rembrandt.

And just like that . . .

Maybe just as well. I have my stories to write and illustrate.

Fuck it. I’m outta here.

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