I Got Wasted At The Summer Komikon 2013


It’s not what it sounds like.

Believe me, it was just too overwhelming to let pass.

John Nano, his brother in law (forgot you name, bro) and me opened up for the Komikon 2013 yesterday, and the exhibitors were just trickling in at 7:30am.

I was geeking it out! Imagine being in the same spot where Leinil Yu, and of course my favorite Gerry Alanguilan, and to know we will be sitting just back to back throughout the event. I checked if I still got some dough left to burn, not that I have much, really thinking I could finally own a copy of Wasted and when they did arrive, I practically stumbled to buy one and have it signed by the author himself.

Nerdy, I know, but who cares! I’m a 44-year-old kid acting like a fanboy.


So by the time Conde Amor and Clark Navarro came it was just a matter of time before we finished setting up before the doors open.

And oh boy, did the throng really went in like wildfire. It was a deluge of collectors, readers, artists exhibitors, and it was exhilirating to see such love for the art. I came here hoping to just present my own kind of komiks and I ended up loving every minute of the experience. Just to be with the people who make up the industry just. . . feels. . .right.

I could tell you all about it, but the pictures should tell the story –

4 responses to “I Got Wasted At The Summer Komikon 2013

  1. Hi!!! I have to say I was disappointed when I got a copy of your sampler…Disappointed that there were just teasers! I am soooo interested now in getting copies of your comics. I should have mentioned it in my blog, but reserving my comment in a separate post once I get the time to write it.

    I like “Si Ching,…,” very kid-friendly, something I would have appreciated when I was a kid. Good concept, too 🙂 Especially interested in “Chicken Wings.” Hope to find copies of these in the next Komikon. See ya!!!

    • Wow! Thank you!

      I’m feeling the pressure now, hee-hee!

      Do not worry, by the next Komikon on October or November, the flagship title will be D.A.I.O. because it is the precursor for most of my stories. CHICKEN WINGS will be a full teaser that’ll be included on D.A.I.O. which is a 4-issue story, each one will be a 24-page with extras like the CHICKEN WINGS teaser and some primer on the bigger DALUIONG Epic. So I guess it’ll be more than 28 pages! (Oh my baba, now I’ve dunnit. Now I have to follow through!)

      Hope to make it in print and with higher quality paper and a good cover.

      Again, maraming salamat and see you at the next Komikon!

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