The Retelling Of The Tale: Conclusion or Continuation

My own travel itinerary trapped within the pages, embedded in the music.

So why am I rambling about music?

Because The Lord of The Rings, more so with the unabridged version, as well as The Hobbit, and my current favorite read, The Children of Hurin, are books full of songs. Middle Earth‘s inhabitants pass on their wisdon through song, much like our own ancestors did.

These books, these movies, the music, all are retelling of stories heard, seen and handed down, generation after generation. And there is a certain novelty and homage when an artist  plays a character emulated from his predecessor, when a musician records a piece of music remembered from his youth, but sings it in a way that the song becomes his own. Even a good book changes with each reading. The  Beatles’ songs are being retold with every generation of musicians. So how come we have jazz musicians jamming on Hank Williams music?  And so what if Robocop is getting a new movie.?

I think it’s not because the old one was bad. But The stories need to be retold.

And that is why I enjoyed An Unexpected Journey immensely. Because I am seeing the story in a different perspective. And it doesn’t diminish my love for the books, or the animated feature I once saw when I was a kid.

For what is life but a retelling of our life yesterday, today. And will be retold tomorrow, maybe with a different storyline or sequence of events, but it is our story being told over and over again.


And the movie, no, I should say, the stories of Middle Earth is how I see it in my imagination, just told by a different storyteller, and just as enjoyable as the books themselves.

So this actually not a conclusion, but just an intermission.

Because there are always new stories to tell.

Even if it was from the same tale.

Some of the best individuals I have met on my own journey.

TOEI Animation Philippines, sometime between 1996 and 2006

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