The Retelling Of The Tale: Musical Tales

There was a scene in The Hobbit where the dwarves were having a feast, despite Bilbo‘s adamant protests. And indeed we have a sort of Gandalf  within our motley crew of misfits. It was really very much like my hooligan years, so very like this photo

Childhood friends

Childhood friends

I couldn’t understand why that scene brought to mind my age of decadence and hedonism. Ha ha! Later I realized, each of these gatherings always have beer, or any kind of liquor, for that matter. There’d be food, insults and bullshit, laughter, the works! And of course, the music and the singing. [That is me, holding the songbook and a microphone, with Arniel, a far better singer and definitely better looking]

At which case I felt a certain kinship to the dwarves, and anybody in Middle Earth, for that matter, for these were our stories in the eyes of  Tolkien. I could remember Tom Bombadil from the book, always singing his songs. There’s a song for every occasion, every emotion, every sentiment. And The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey nearly brought me to tears, made me run with the gang, laughed with them, sang with them. And the battles, the fights that we used to brag about and kid ourselves.

Peter Jackson was singing my song.

And like the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, I just had to wait for the other two. And I don’t understand why others try to bash The Hobbit , saying it was very much like the LOTR movies.


Is it really that hard to understand. Even our lives are mere repetitions of yesterday. Stories told at campfires gets a little updated and embellished everytime the tale is being told.

A song lingers and persists because through the ages, musicians try to sing it their own way, telling the story in their perspective.

I remember this song from my earlier days as a kid, The Spinners – I’ll be Around. It has a nice hook, back then I don’t know about hooks, only that it feels good to rock a little and sway a little every time this song comes on the radio. But then, I heard Richie Kotzen sing this and it had a different ring to it. I like this song then, and I love this now.

Is it so hard to accept? We are just gawkers marvelling at the stories being told, of emotions being sung, but some people thought it smart to bash a painting, a drawing a song, just because they can’t think out of the box. Charlotte Church, that girl with the huge pipes sang opera and the classics, and now she sing Pop and Soul. And people put her down because she’s not the same girl. She’s not. Listen to her Tissues and Issues and you’ll understand. She was telling stories handed down to her, now she sings her life.

But I digress.

To be concluded . . .

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