Get It Out Of The Way

  • Instant noodles, those “convenient” food packs doesn’t seem to get any better. In fact, I seem to remember those bags bulkier several years ago. 60 grams? More like 45.34 in some cases.
  • People will call me grumpy, but I get really worked up when I help out, lend a hand with any endeavor that requires some artistic input, maybe create some beautiful graphics, or illustration, just so the other person will have a better presentation or whatever it is that was needed to enhance their work. All throughout the process, at off-work hours, I may beat my brains trying to get to that decent work worthy of  payment, but since this was  a labor of love and out of sheer camaraderie, I guess I do it for free. But the indifference. It riles me. They only know your name when they want something from you. After all the deadlines and urgency, nobody remembers your name, not even to thank you for a job well done. So I’m done too. No more freebies.
  • Books and novels used to be a great reason to go out and dig up on book stores and garage sales. Nowadays, materials are rather flimsy and the cover for reprints ought to have more effort. It’s just not fun anymore.
  • No matter how hard you crusade against politicians who seem to disregard all manner of civility and law when it comes to putting up posters and tarpaulins with their heavily photoshopped faces, it wont go away. A friend pointed that out to me. And I guess she is probably right. You see, these politicians? They just don’t care. You can cry and bleed to get those unsightly , obvious premature campaigning and they just won’t budge for you. So go ahead, scream till the veins on your neck burst. I would rather ignore these politicians and just not vote for them.
  • If local music publishing really go against piracy and file sharing of music. How come even before the onslaught of digital, they were bootlegging music and marketing them in vinyl and cassette as “Various Artist“? It was when I was schooled with the LP records of Sinatra, Jones, Nazareth, Kiss, Van Halen, The Reader’s Digest Compilation Box Set, that I have been able to discern whether a record is the original or not. No one will admit to this, but they earned off of some really talented musicians by ripping off covers of popular music then and passing them off as the real thing. So these record execs are now crying out and blaming that OPM is dead? Who killed it? Not the musicians. They are very much alive, still playing gigs and rocking the house down wherever they play.v And they earn for themselves, groups like The Roxymorrons, Slash N’ Burn, The Peso Movement, Silent Sanctuary, these bands are better off playing clubs and bars than mixing themselves with record companies who are only after profit and not much else.
  • Gangnam style is no style at all. So go on, shake yer buns. Just don’t expect everyone to like hat fucking song.
  • Speaking of music, Regine Velasquez botched her Silver Anniversary Concert, plain and simple. And no amount of guests can save her from utter disgrace.
  • A good pair of shoes is such a joy.
  • My 12-string guitar is going through some tough times. She’s got a bad bridge, a lot of scratches and the machines are in need of replacement. I miss playing her.
  • I giggle every time people get all worked up with their new gadget, tablet, or smartphones and start joining Twitter, Facebook immediately even before reading up on the specs and putting up security options for their accounts. You’d think leeching wifi is their divine right.
  • Infamy is a whole lot different from being famous. Look it up.
  • Some people in HR should really learn how to stay on their workstations longer than 2 hours a day. I mean, 1 hour coffee breaks, every two hours is just plain lazy. Or inept.
  • People who think their online personality is what they really are should get their heads looked on. We are all just netmosos around the web. No such thing as netizen.
  • Have you noticed how many students now enrolled in the Culinary Arts? They want that Chef title by virtue of a diploma.
  • Double faced tapes. I love ’em.
  • Say what you want, MP3 is the best way to preserve your own music collection. Locall pressings are just way down below par.

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