Prometheus ‘Adult Deacon’, Alien, and my love for the series


The principal cast members of Alien. Left to r...

The image you see up there is actually what lured me into this deeply disturbing piece of  science fiction, and pushed me down the well of endless possibilities and questions. Ridley Scott,  Giger, Ripley, and the artificial human made my link to the Alien and Prometheus stories sealed.

I have this sneaking suspicion that those who dislike the movie even before it got theater dates are really just . . . .unimaginative. I mean, it’s what Sci-Fi is all about, right? I’m not even this super-nerdy sci-fi geek, but I do love stories of space and fantasy and what-ifs. I love this movie simple because it’s another question.

Prometheus ‘Adult Deacon’ Alien Conceptual Drawings Contest

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