No, Not Yet

Being stuck in this matchbox I call my apartment (which is really a term the landlord used, but it’s okay, he’s a good guy) because my nose has been exhibiting a good imitation of the Pagsanjan Falls, and my throat just kept reminding me to lay off them smokes for a while. Sure enough, I looked around to see what I can do with all these time to kill. Grabbed my sketch and continued, sat up and finally gave up, brain is just too muddled. So after doing away with the dishes, washing a pair of pants and shorts leftover from my weekend laundry, and sweeping the floor a couple of times. I’m again faced with a lot of down time.

My Tweetdeck is full of fuss about R.A. 10175. My Facebook is no better, these Anti Cyber Crime Law people are very consistent. Well, maybe too consistent. In fact, most of it are getting to be just that: noise. Come on, I cannot possibly believe that the government
is THAT knowledgeable about the whole Cyber thingy. And that much ballyhooed implementation of a law they don’t understand just proves it.

Most people can’t even find the SETTINGS button on their dashboard, on their browsers, on their Twitter and Facebook. Very few even know how to block people on their timeline, mush less unfriend somebody for fear of  being unfriended themselves and lose numbers on their friends list, for no apparent reason. It’s a case of people using technology too soon. Just look at the number of iPad sales and you’ll see, people are buying stuff they don’t understand, much less use. Okay, maybe on that point, the government can get their accounts.

Let’s be serious.

I think yes, it’s a blunder that they implemented a law (now on TRO) because frankly, the whole archipelago is not that well-connected. Sure maybe the businesses and the PSE. But the whole country? Those telecoms offering internet can’t even keep a consistent signal. Have you any idea how  many authentic OS these government offices have?  Two maybe three, and they are campaigning against piracy of popular computer software products.

And they call those Anonymous acts ATTACKS. They are NOT. They simply defaced some websites, nothing was changed, nothing was stolen. If the aim is to HACK, these guys would have taken any data from that site and leave it empty and unusable. They just VANDALIZED the place to prove a point. That government websites, which are contracts given to the lowest bidders, built haphazardly by people who want a quick buck, with the budget skimmed thin by the hands that made it happen.

But on the other hand, the advocates of Anonymous are getting to be too redundant like teenagers always whining about stuff. If they really want to be taken seriously, they better stop using words like AKEN, SAMEN ,KAU, etc. Seriously, guys, proofread your posts so that people will stop and read and listen to what you have to say. Most of the commenters are turning out to be just hecklers, no better informed than the so-called netizens who don’t even have the brains to use Google search.

How can you trust “netizens” when they themselves follow Annabelle Rama or any other wannabe twitterstar? They are so full of themselves that TRENDING WORLDWIDE sounds like the their milestone of the century. Twitter is us being netmosos, nothing more, but sometimes you can find good stuff there. As with any Social Media sites.

And that thing about cyber bullying? Come on, we are too sensitive for all the wrong reasons. You get bullied because you allowed them to, or you bullied someone and now you are getting the butt end of it.

I’ve said this too many times. If one of our Asian neighbors decided to invade our country, say, China, they’d take us over in a day. All they have to do is use HARSH LANGUAGE, and we’d be bullied into submission.

Do not be fooled that our cyber space is as well-connected like the plot of Die Hard 4. Oh no. Far from it. Some of the rich maybe afraid the government, or any person or persons with such knowledge of data manipulation, maybe able to seize their assets and control their purchasing power, or post libelous statements in their corporate billboards, or, and this is funny, publish photos they have snuck in somewhere for leverage.

We are an analog watch in a digital age. Just like the
movie. We could take a beating, but we keep on ticking.

Just keep that in mind when the polls come.

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