Perils of Craftsmanship

Sample Illustration for tv simulation, original is in full color

I whip myself silly, because I had to make quick fixes with the head . That was my fault not reading the script entirely.  It’s very obvious that the head was drawn with a full head of hair and I had to make him bald.

 This was done with so short a time I was not really keen on submitting this for tv broadcast. This is a part of a series of simulation drawings that depicts a letter sender’s story. My intent was to create a good comics/book style drawing that will add drama to the letter sender’s predicament, as being discussed by the hosts.

Sadly, this kind of drawing [this is probably the fastest way to stick all the details to the characters, keep the background with less emphasis] even with the right composition is not what I want it to look. But life in tv broadcast is always fast-paced and deadline weary.

I could live with that.

But I really love to illustrate in the best detailed drawing possible, something that would grab the audience and immediately identify with the story being unraveled.  A simulation drawing that could carry the storytelling itself.

With the lack of time, the background is now a photoshopped image

But this I cannot accept.  This second image was from another letter sender’s simulation. The characters were better drawn, missing the thicker lines I use for the character outlines, but with so short a time, I had to do something unworthy of an illustrator – modify some images to use as background. If I could show you the full colored pieces you would agree as an artist, even the coloring is haphazard. And I hate doing half-assed illustrations for broadcast.

It’s either I do it my way or not at all. This is the result of production people not understanding the craft. All they ever care for is the deadline. It is why their previous dealings with artists turn out to be rip offs – 3D graphics turn out with bad anatomical presentations, mouths have lights in them, even the auto-traced drawings from Adobe Illustrator are somewhat out of sync with the whole show.


Simulation drawings for tv should be done with the attention to detail. It should not be something put together just so it beats the deadline. I hate it when production people dismiss the craftmanship, the dedication to detail by artists, all they ever care for is looking good for their superiors.

If these simulations are not at all in sync with the whole of the show, the show itself falls apart. These simulation drawings should have a theme, a certain look that should enhance the topic, not something to show just to justify the recorded dialogues.

Before I was just disappointed. A disappointment that stemmed from utter ignorance by the staff.

But now I’m really pissed for the nonsense and unthinking staff.

I would love to do this, even if the extra pay is not that much, just something to cover the internet connection and the coffee and smokes I consume while doing it. But to create something that stays in the mind of the viewers? That is art. That is lifting the show itself.

That should be the target. Not the deadline.

What do you think? Leave a comment . . .

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