Complaints And Grievances

I’m getting better with letting go. Or at least, that’s what I thought. Because I have learned that letting it pass can be economical for one’s emotional and professional being. Some sticky situations you just have to get through and move on.

But anyway, this is about some situations that keeps on dragging because people keep making things complicated. Like Villacorta muddying up the puddle that Tito Sotto‘s feet is currently dipped in. It’s like
professionalism has become just a byline and not the code. They keep shifting the blame to anybody but themselves.

Actually, this is about my own, personal bone to pick with Island Weddings Magazine. I have been good natured when my queries were ignored, simply because I thought these guys are like me, busy as a bee. But time and again, they would send me freelance work that are too painfully full of holes, in a manner of speaking. Have you done layout jobs for a magazine? They pay low rates. But if the flow is steady, it can be lucrative. Again, the things that bothered me about doing jobs like these are sort of stuff publishing houses like DM publishing ought to know by now – high res photos, text content should be in .txt format, revisions should be limited to 2 times only. You know, things that could have justified the low rates, just so I could have steady work outside of my
day job. But when I checked, dumb, stupid me, I don’t even know the rates! All because a friend works for Island Weddings Magazine. or at least I thought of  her as a friend.

I have some web images, copies of works done on my website , which is a Free account by, by the way. And it works, unlike some links I could think of.

I would work on jobs, even those that are hard to fix, because I know it had to be done. But this nagging thing, why they are sending me these jobs is because they are running out of graphic artists who would like to work on the darned things. I had to ask, still nicely, about when I could paid, and then they promise to send payments, for in about a week or so after I asked. And I would be dismayed, thinking, surely all those work is worth more than this? But, like I said , maybe they are too busy.

Now, if Gaudencio Pangilinan had Rolito Go got kidnapped under his watch, or so they claim it was, and if he was a regular Juan, he’d be sacked right there and then. But no, he takes a leave of absence! Like he doesn’t know a thing! And you know, the people at Island Weddings Magazine behave the same way! Like they work in a place where they could see each other and nobody knows a thing about what is going on!

This screencap was from the FB  page. The link is like their website, already dud. But what bothers me is how and why didn’t I see this before. Something amiss that I have overlooked for so long.

Three weeks ago I, again asked, when can I get paid, because you know, I have already finished a lot of work, some even dullingly revised again and again. Got the same reply from Dhey Santos – Okay, I’ll follow up on it. Weeks passed and nothing. Maybe they were just busy. Again a the week passed, so I sent email. I set up a YouSendIt share folder just so they easily get those big TIFF files, the finished work always available to them. But noooooo, nobody knows how to use the darned thing. And still they ask me through email about the finished files. The last straw was a newsletter for I.F.I or Aglipayan Church. I made the mock up newsletter because it’s for soliciting funds. Figured I’d do it for free. I finished the whole thing before I got another email that contains the instructions that it won’t be just a sample but the real thing. The email got sent Wednesday. Dhey Santos wants the layout Thursday. And still asking for
the other finished work.

Does that sound professional to you?

I mean, like when I asked Maynilad about the disappearing water and odor and dirt in the water, I couldn’t get through their hotline.

Does that sound professional to you?

Like, I tried sending email through Maynilad’s website, then I shifted and got the address and sent another on my gmail, and guess what? Somebody actually called me at work just to ask me what the problem was.

Does that sound professional to you?

I think I know how to write a complaint so my emails have the details down pat when I sent it, containing the problems, and the area of service even my own number. But the this whole communication thing is somewhat lost even though we have facebook, and Twitter and websites to make a connection. Smart Communications and Globe Telecom acts the same way- uncommunicative.

Does that sound professional to you?

Like when I finally got fed up with Island Weddings magazine staff, obviously ignoring my somewhat begging tone, They sent me emails again about new revisions to finished works weeks past! Are they insane? here I am asking for the fees due me and all they could send me was queries about finished files already in the shared cloud folder, and the client still has revisions! What happened to the 2 revision limit? When I finally told them what I really think all about this. And I had to ask angrily now. All those nights when I could be sleeping, but instead worked on their layouts, and again (yes that’s how redundant the exchanges have been) They said the payment will be sent. if I hadn’t rattled their cages, they would still be acting like Pangilinan and saying ” I dunno notting about dat, I’m takin a leave.” It took me a whole lot of askingh nicely before I got to thinking I had to show how disappointed I am with the unprofessionalism. That was last Friday came and no email, no text, my head started to ache. So I told them how I feel. These people, got an award for Excellence of Service, yet they cannot process some small things like paying freelancers on time.

Does that sound professional to you?

It’s like getting in line at BDO, so I can encash a cheque, and the queue is from the counter to the door, and we stand  in line waiting for say, about an hour, and there’s a blaring BDO tagline that says ” We Find Ways”. Yeah. Except solve the slow and long lines at the counter.

But now I think I am unprofessional, because, I was naive enough to have worked on their layouts without even knowing how the rates are. But I’m just a dropout. No degree, unlike Blair Robert Carabuena , who seems to hold his college education as a sort of license to berate and maul as MMDA officer just doing his job.

But is that what education and professionalism is all about?

Freelancers gets your firm out of a hotspot in no time. We are the fixit people, able to leap tall tasks in a single bound. Heck, we’d do things not even your Creative Director cannot. Like maintaining and developing a website. Of which, by the way, has lapsed out, because their non-creative Creative Director had no idea how to keep a website interesting. I remember the all too familiar Lorem Ipsum spiel still present after a year or so. The website is dead now. Look at the image below and just see what happened.

Now, does that look professional to you?

A thriving magazine, award winning, relying on Facebook for their online presence, can’t keep outsourced manpower because they cannot be bothered with such trifles as on-time payments for services rendered by freelancers hoping to earn on the side just to keep from borrowing money when they run short.

It’s all about courtesy really.

And work ethics.

And the right to be informed.

Surely, if you can’t pay me on time you better tell me! I often let my landlord know firsthand if my rent will be delayed a bit. That is

If my services are no longer needed, tell me straight so I can find options. These things happen. I can accept that.

What I cannot, and will not accept is how firms like Island Wedding Magazine ignore me after all the troubleshooting and fixing and
meticulous work I did. All for some cheap rates that is better than no freelance work at all.

You know how much they owe me now?

Oh, about Php2,200, give or take a few missing work done but that’s okay.

You say I’m stupid to chase after a small amount like a couple of grand.


I stand by my right to be treated like any professional. I do the job, I get paid. it’s as simple as that. I let it pass, it all goes away, and
pretty soon, a hapless freelancer may be duped again into that same dirge and who knows what they’ll do. If it was JUST 2K++, it wouldn’t been hard them to pay, don’t you think?

This afternoon, was again a promise broken. Tsk.

I’m riled up. Big time.

One response to “Complaints And Grievances

  1. Reblogged this on No Way. and commented:

    I had done with this and moved along. But someone thought it best to remind me of this. And it’s all because they are going to do something, relaunch , I think, another venture, another magazine, with another name. I thought about it. But the fact that the blog post was complaints and grievances about their insensitivity with outsourced manpower, and the really peanuts worth of pay they give out, and to think they will be paying a marketing or advertising agency thousands and thousands of pesos to rebuild their name in the industry, I feel you should read about it, and be wary. After all, weddings are big business for everyone with a camera and a printing facility nowadays, the designers and graphics artists are still treated like beasts of burden, just water and food , thank you. Read all about it.

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