Wrong Timing, Bad Timing

Most of the time I worry about the mental state of those people elected or appointed by those we voted for with optimism, and hope. We don’t seem to pick the right person for the job. Just like the old adage “always a Bridesmaid but never a Bride.”

There’s just not enough logic to go around, we may have mistakenly put all our marbles in one basket and wished it would stay there forever.

Now those marbles are lost.

Most of it, anyway.

I am not an Engineer. Not an Architect either. Never had the chance to involve myself with the intimacies of building houses, laying pipes nor paving roads. But I think I do possess a certain rationale, that when repairing a road, or what’s underneath these roads, requires dry climate,  a team of skilled workers to systematically dig the street, replace tubes and pipes, prep the dig for setting and cement and enough heat and warmth to cure the concrete pavement.

These pictures are what is NOW happening where I live, just outside the compound of my rented apartment. Three weeks running now, this Maynilad project is slow, and frankly, it boggles my rather weary creative mind, where in hell did they get the idea that they could outrun the rains when it comes, as it did.

Quezon City Hall must have people who don’t go to work, doesn’t go out and has no business outside their homes. Maynilad people on the other hand, may have in its employ Engineers and Planners who have never done a project on this country, much less, on this  Earth. Must be foreigners who don’t really understand our climate, our way of life, our working conditions.

I think it is the truth. Because I don’t believe they know what they have done, or what they haven’t been doing. If they were Filipinos, natives of this land, then, they would have  made some feasibility and technical studies on how the seasons affect their maintenance and repair projects. If they knew what they were doing, Quezon City Hall might have pushed Maynilad to start the replacement of concrete pipes and repair the road in Ero, Bernardino, Bagbag, way back in April, when the sun was sizzling hot, and concrete laying might have assured a sturdy pavement on the bottom of our weary feet.

Now the mud is getting in our domicile.

What vehicular and human traffic that move within these narrow roads are hindered. And If the rains do come in torrents, then these badly planned projects will consume more of our depleted budget, that could be allotted to other basic necessities.

Like garbage collection.

Quezon City Hall hired race car drivers and their pit crew for garbage collection contracts. You could never keep them waiting for 2 to 5 minutes at one particular stop. If you managed to pick up the well segregated trash and run out, they are already gone. I remember sending tweets to Mayor Herbert Bautista about this, but I’ve had some dealings with his minions before, when they wanted to do some cheap-ass ad campaign, done comics-style. Both times, my calls fell on deaf ears – the comics were done badly, the minion got her commision, And Herbert, as usual is being a star-complexed politico who’s as reclusive and elusive as an Elvis apparition.

Like K -12.

And I don’t have to tell you anything. Just ask a child who just went head to head with the mud and rocks on our-now-dirt-road and   maybe he’ll tell you that teachers were absent, they are having classes under trees, and that there are no more books.

You’d think these people in power are thinking of our welfare.


They are lining up for 2013.

What a joke we have for a government.

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