Empowerment, Hypersensitivity and Being Insensitive

I had an idea earlier, when I was reading and looking at reactions by the “Netizens” on last Holy Week‘s infamous characters that riled the Catholic sensibilities of the general Filipino population, the Scarborough Standoff , and Tsunami warnings in Indonesia. The girl who posed for a photowhile on the cross got nearly lynched, in a manner of speaking, just because she was too clueless to think of her actions. There was also a couple of ladies from the Netherlands (Netherworld?) who had fun posing and participating in what they view as weird and adventurous: the Senakulo. They were Atheists, or so they claim and we cannot fault them for their beliefs. I mean they spent their money travelling halfway across the globe just to see what the fuss was all about and I guess they got what they came for. Couldn’t find a good link so you just have to search for yourself. So, reading posts on my Tweetdeck , I was puzzled. Here we are damning this girl who had her photo taken on the cross (and those two Atheist-foreigners) about how they were “disrespectful”, that they were “sinning against God”, and they they should “burn in hell” for their actions, and got me thinking – Annabelle Rama, a somewhat colorful character in Showbiz have been “taking the name of the Lord in vain” over and over by including the name og God as her witness in most of her Twitter rantings, and while I was really getting a cramp in my stomach, because I haven’t made  coffee yet, here comes one of those absurd tweets form a dummy account for Marian Rivera. The mind played it’s game so I posted my own opinion of these two.

And soon enough there were some replies from people I know. And the followers. It was fast! fast and furious! Like those protesters against VFA were fast. I mean those guys were there, rattling their cans making a ruckus about the VFA, yet they were absent the whole time NoKor was grandstanding with their rocket launch, and the Chinese vessels were face to face with our PN.

THAT fast.And then there are these

I had to blur or cover their names and aliases to protect their identities, because even if Twitter, which is a Social Network Platform, and what used to be a microblog, all 140 characters for each post, is a public domain, and people can easily agree or disagree with any subject up for grabs. I was amazed at how fast these Marian followers took to the Twitter version of Flaming. Technology is fast nowadays. I got as much as 10 angry replies  in just three minutes,who clearly feel that anything said against their beloved idol is fit to be bashed. Sadly no replies from what used to be the most retweeted Annabelle Rama followers. It could have been more colorful. And while some of the badmouthing were a bit clueless too, it’s good to have set my Gmail with the appropriate inbox settings to have some archived for future reference.

Oh, the responses were in various forms. I even made a mistake of answering quite snobbish at someone whom, when Ii re-read his reply, was actually trying to find out what is happening. From their fevered posts I got these:

  • most of them are just following and retweeting posts other than their own.
  • Quotes are the current pastime for people who cannot think for themselves.
  • being upfront about something is self-righteous
  • if you said something in a dissenting manner, you are automatically out to get famous (sikat)
  • most are probably using tablets and blackberry so they can be forgiven for squeezing the thing for all it’s worth, not to mention the Wifi they leech from the area.
  • even if some of them know that it is a dummy account, they follow her anyway.
  • they  are the future voters for this country. Imagine them with the Eat Bulaga and Wil Time Big Time mentality, and try to foresee a future with the politicians these people will put in power. I shudder.
  • most have the sound of YES Fm and those other perya stations, whom think Nicole Eala is also funny.
  • most of them have been using Twitter, Fb for about a couple of years only, give or take a few, and are still whining about new timelines so I guess they are to be forgiven for not reading the source info.
  • And, lest I forgot, they think Supertarmarian is funny, like the people who RT Annabelle Rama’s post as funny.

Now what exactly did I try to do? It was an observation. We Pinoys get too riled up for all the wrong things. I remember Desperate Housewives, and then there were those who are rallying for Jessica Sanchez as if her winning American Idol will change the state of Filipino Nation. Hypersensitivity in the worst possible way. And yet, there are very few replies from cries for help on Twitter and Facebook: a child is in need of blood donors tweeted several months ago and no one cared. Taylor Kitsch said something stupid on Letterman and there we go again, crying Blasphemy. How can a nation, obsessed with whitening products take pride at being brown? Arnold Clavio was adamant that Azkals were not Pinoys. Those Marian followers just kept right on with their tirade , not really knowing the WHY and WHAT and never really understood the message. Which is sad.


Hypersensitivity of the Insensitive. Empowered with new technology and what do we do with email accounts? We register so we can join Facebook, or join the Twitterverse, just don’t  say something against  my hallowed idol. We have questions about some stuff and what do we do? We wait for Kuya Kim with the answer to our queries with what could have been solved by using google search. All these wonderful, empowering technology with Android, iOs, tablets, and gadgets, and what do we do? Post inane absurdities online.

I guess we are entitled to 0ur own stupid posts

It’s our own timeline after all.

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