Hey, You . . . . . !?



You, with those sulking shoulders and drooping mouth. How long will you whine and complain about how life is treating you like a rag? You sit right there with your idle hands and your defiant stare, while everything is moving around you with the tenacity of a whirlpool, you just sit and ponder how unfortunate you are to be born in poverty, yet that Psp you play with is a couple of grand way beyond your family’s income.



With that iPad basking in the adoration of your peers, as you browse the latest dirt on your so-called friends on Facebook, trying to get in that bubble headed comment before anybody snatches up the chance. You complain about the nasty ways TELCOs are bleeding you dry while you leech WiFi from your neighbor. All because you failed to pay the electric bills for 3 months just so you can carry a tablet anywhere you go. I hope somebody steals that and gives you a real reason to complain.


You with a degree.

Stop trying to tell me I’m not Filipino enough. Refrain from telling everybody what a Filipino is or what you thought it should be. You with your crusades and your advocacies. My English is fine and understandable, and that doesn’ mean I’m less Filipino. Putangina, ni hindi mo alam tamang pag-gamit ng salitang [ng] at [nang] so don’t tell me how to speak. That piece you wrote was to berate the whole purpose of education. That tirade you just unleashed tells me you are not happy. That doesn’t give you the right to cause misery for the rest of us.


You with your  so-called lifestyle.

There is no such thing as a LIFESTYLE. It’s called LIFE. And we are all in it.

And you.

With your Earth Hour. Read up on it. Stopping everything for a full hour or more will not make a difference. And a party and fireworks after it is such a lame excuse to gather for a “cause”. Mother Nature will punish us all when she gets around to it. No two ways about it. Screaming “Save The Earth!” does not make you a knight in shining armor. Just a failed human who is afraid of your mortality.

So you eat veggies? Who cares? Obviously, you do. But you don’t have the right to tell everyone what a glorious being you are for not eating anything that has fur, feathers or gives birth. Plants are living things too, dont you know.

And those photos you took? The ones that are being ogled by your peers, with watermarks and back stories, and how you set the F-stop and the  DoF to perfection, and that nobody shall use them without permission. Yeah, did you get a permit from the mountain when you took its picture? Haven’t you heard? Thousands of tourists had been there and took the same darned photo and you want royalties?


Yes . You. In the mirror.

How long will you waste time trying to make sense of it all. Thinking and doing something  about it are two different concepts that you are not familiar with.

Do something.

What do you think? Leave a comment . . .

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