Working With Monsters

Somwthing about cops

They come up with new ways everyday

Me and my Sup, Mr. John Nano hastily did some sketch work for Ms. Marlene Alcaide’s report on new MO of corrupt cops. We actually drew these without the benefit of doing drafts, just rolling into the whole thing because we had to be quick enough to make it for the broadcast. And here is the colored version:

It happened at a gas station

And the money passed around

We made it, though, even if we all wanted to do a better version, the crew agreed it was the best we could have done, given the very short period allowed (heck it was just a matter of minutes, sketch, scan and color). If we could do this in such a very short time, who knows what these cool people will turn out with enough space, time and hardware?

Good to work with really talented artists here at TV5 Manila.

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