Web World Worthy

I remember twiddling about something at Wix.com s few years back. I tried the password and was not surprised that it is still working. So I went about studying the whole website creation just by dragging and dropping parts and components, settings and widgets.

I do have some works posted here at WordPress.com, so I thought, the heck with it -I will create my own blog, even it it feels like cheating, you know, not really creating, merely picking a good image on my collection instead of just using the templates and images available. Well, I was halfway into my 4th page when the idea struck me: I could publish this and maybe just attach the this blog.

Having finished the initial layout and previewing the whole thing, yup, I want to publish! Personal websites like mine are for free, but if all things fall into place this year, I will get the domain.

More so, this will help me help other people, for a minimum fee, set up their own. I have a friend whose website is at Weebly.com and since have in development, his website. If I could set it up on a freebie like weebly or wix, then I would have saved Jake a whole bunch of money. Of course, the database would have to come later, when he can purchase his own domain and maybe a dedicated server. Serious business needs serious websites, but his weebly will have to do for now. Now if only Jake would finish the darn content . . .

And on that note, I’d like to say something about some people who leech and suck the blood out of the ordinary people and businessmen who are not really into tech and internet and web things. Heard somebody doing seminars about web and internet, and charging an arm or a leg, much, much more costly than creating an actual personal website or even a static one. Can you imagine? Charging people just to hear you talk on how to go about what to do, what to avoid, things you can actually find out through the web itself! I think these people are those who have practiced powerpoint at home and proudly proclaiming themselves artists just because they have manipulated data into one presentation. With clip art. And not so good looking ones at that. Thieves.

But enough of the negative vibes. I’m here to provide services as well.

And I am hoping to finish some demo clips I’m preparing for my new bosses-to-be. I loved what I saw there, at the tv station – Orad and Metra Weatherscape. Man! These babies rock! Yeah I know, found out I am a geek at heart, not just somebody drooling over anything more powerful than 512mb RAM, ha ha ha! To us old geezers, technology is a kind of puzzle. Good thing I still crave for new knowledge and skills, or else I will wither and die. Maybe just recycled for the carbon content of the remains.

Uh, my cigarette burned out again . . .

What do you think? Leave a comment . . .

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