Running, Random Thoughts, And How Radio Changed Through The Years

Sunday, while doing my usual laundry, house cleaning and all around R&R ( meaning, while relaxing, I have to do all these things) I was tuned in to 94.7Mellow, with Vince G on Gspot, with the show Edumacate Me. His guest was a celebrated (their words) Running enthusiast and Blogger, and TV Host about, what else: Running.

In between good 80s music, and my pants scrubbing. I was hit with the realization (more like conked on the head) that nowadays, being a Radio DJ is not much of a deal. I was glad some FM stations are still employing the FM English language as protocol. The rest of the radio crap just don’t cut it as a re3al radio station, just a channel with perya variety p[ersonalities and really baaaad playlist. Used to be, DJs are really good talkers, and have a good array of songs and playlist so that no two songs will be played in the same hour, or for a couple of hours, except of coures, if you are tuned to MRS92.3, which has a very good playlist, mind you, even if they have the Most Requested Song played constantly. And yes, DJs then know when to talk, when to dish out trivia, and when to just let the music play.

But anyway, what caught me dumb was the fact that Vince G is just a Filipino-American, his spiels are not that well delivered and boy, the redundancy! And his guest is, well, all about running, with big words about choosing the right shoes, the well-being and fitness. My guess is these running enthusiasts and weekend warriors, dog it out on the track, or the gym and then, when they get home, their yayas and maids will carry their stuff because they are too soft to even lift their own burdens.

Come on.

Living in Metro Manila is a test on firnes itself. Try living the commuter life and you’ll see. Ever hiked 100 feet of stairs everyday on your way to work? Have you treid dodging tricycles while balancing groceries with both hands and a backpack?

Pretty soon they’ll have their own magazine. And walking will be the next big thing, as if everybody else is not walking these days.

Oh yes, got to plurk some, and twit some. And I haven’t been able to participate with my Indios friends lately.

Don’t you think crime in an upsurge today sounds a bit contrived?

Oktoberfest is coming. Whoopee! (I don’t like beer, but heck it’s good happenning!)

PNoy is getting really pummeled, poor guy.

UP won the Cheerdance competition. Too bad about their basketball though.

NU Bulldogs is getting to be a team to fear in UAAP.

There’s something really unnatural about me. I have never been really enthusiatic about basketball, except when it’s college basketball. I was never into team sports. I like running though, but not with the usual trappings of the urban fad. I like cycling. Wish I could still bike my way to anywhere.

And my 12-string guitar tuning works!

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