Hostage Taking Near Quirino Grandstand

Statement on the ongoing incident at Quirino Grandstand by Philippine National Police Spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero A. Cruz, Jr., Chief PIO, August 23, 2010, 1:14 PM

The PNP High Command is closely monitoring the ongoing hostage situation in Manila. The Manila Police District is addressing the situation under the direct guidance and supervision of the Regional Director of NCRPO. Initially, the hostage-taker has been identified as Reynaldo Mendoza, a dismissed Police Senior Inspector. The Chief PNP has given instructions to all concerned PNP unit commanders, particularly the Regional Director of NCRPO, PDir. Leocadio Santiago and the District Director of MPD, CSupt. Orlando Magtibay. The general guidance of the Chief PNP is to strictly observe to the letter, the Police Operational Procedures (POP) on Hostage-Crisis Situations with paramount emphasis on the safety of the hostages, the police personnel on the ground, and the hostage-taker himself. A Crisis Management Committee (CMC) has been activated by the City Government of Manila to coordinate all actions of concerned police units and agencies. The Chief PNP also gave instructions to PNP unit commanders on the ground, as much as possible, not to allow this situation from affecting the normal activities of the public in the rest of the city. At this point we urge the public, media, and other concerned sectors for their cooperation and indulgence in bearing with the situation. We remain optimistic the situation will be resolved at the soonest possible time without anyone getting hurt.

4 responses to “Hostage Taking Near Quirino Grandstand

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  2. No problem.

    It’s sad though, why people resort to this sort of thing. Who knows? Maybe the man has his own convictions to stand up for. Maybe his so-called superiors axed him for fear of being dragged into the murk.

    Whatever it is, hope all turns out well.

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