My Dada

dada nene, originally uploaded by scrEaMingmANgo.

Actually, I grabbed this from my brother’s (Kaka Aldin) Facebook page.

I was so stunned that I nearly forgotten we ever had this photo. I lost my photo album a long, long time ago, and was not really interested in my own chronological and historical timeline in photopaper. But since I am into photography nowadays, and I’m into film photography, (just because I don’t own a DSLR), the novelty just made me smile.

My guess is, I was two years old, maybe a bit older when this photo was taken. My father died when I was two.  He was in his 30s when he died. My dada (lola or grandmother in more popular lingo) my father’s mother, lived a lot longer, and died when I was in Grade 3.

We used to walk, my brothers and me, about a few meters short of 1 kilometer, to where dada’s house, what we fondly cal;led at the time “malaking bahay” or the big house, just to watch TV. And most of my cousins will be there, because it was indeed big enough to house a bunch of kids running around, causing a ruckus and complete  mayhem.

And then, we’d be told to sleep in the afternoon, so we can wake up to a mertyenda  pre[ared lovingly by my Tiya Len and Tiya Rosie.

………had to stop writing because I suddenly miss those days.


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