Villegas Night at Ten02 in Timog


Top Row Left to Right: Robbie, Angelo and Mike Villegas, Bayang, Cooky, Darcy, Bob, Tony,Coricks, then mga nakaupo: Mark, Armi, ReeJoie, Screamingmango, Scarlet, MikeCarlocap and Jobar.Photo was taken by Carvin Medina (Carvin22)Reactions

Conversations/on Villegas Night


“Ang gwapo nung drummer ng 5INCO!”


“Si Cooky parang mas malibog ang singing nya ngayon.”

“Cool trumpet”

” Hanep ang basslines!”

“Cute nung drummer ng Bluesviminda!”

“Di kaya walo ang daliri ni Mike sa left hand?”

“Si Tony o, mesmerized na.”

” Sana si Ten at Reuel din jam with Tony”

” Pare yung keyboard sobrang honkytonk-jazz”

“Di ba yan yung nasa you tube?”

“Scarlet ruuuuuuuules!”



” Mula ngayon, vocalist na lang ako” -Mike VIllegas after Noli’s rivetting performance.

“I hate these guys!They’re so good!” -Tony

” I think I’ll burn my guitar when I get home” – Me

 . . .and the night ended with nary an attempt to jam. Coul you blame us? After hearing and watching 5INCO, Bayang Barrios, Bluesviminda, the Villegas brothers and Noli Aurellio play?

Darn good music!

2 responses to “Villegas Night at Ten02 in Timog

  1. Seriously, ako I almost really abandoned my fretboard dreams after seeing and hearing the Villegas Clan play, and of course Noli Aurillio (pardon the mispelling on the post) almost made me think Brian May is a Filipino!

  2. i was on cloud heavens that night. can’t even believe myself being on the same photos with those music idols. Noli Aurilio fittingly ended the night his awesome rendition of Michael Jackson songs. grabe sa galing!!!

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