A Pathetic Creature

This is a weasel who poses as an assistant director whenever he has the chance, and now is currently cringing in fright somewhere. I wouldn’t do this, but this wannabe has disrupted a good and talented animation team, and has been harassing females through txt and a whole lot of  D.O.M. crap.

Posing as a Painter, Animator, Sculptor, Art Professor

Know this guy?

No kidding. This guy is a poor excuse for a human.

The following are “Resignation Letters” he sent  to our Employers. The schmuck can’t even compose a decent resignation letter, like everything he claims to be, much less have the courage to say it personally, but that is the kind of creature he is: a fluke.


From Google Talk .Read on-

“Due to some bad things happen from the baguio guys —– and —– and ——- plus the harassment issue, i finally declare my resignation to the studio.Im asking for an apology and i feel sorry for all that things. i want to stay in the studio to finish the project but the guys inside is ok with me anymore so i decided to leave and resign.

Thank you direct — for the support and understanding and also to you sir ———.

Sorry again

Umuwi muna ako d2 sa bicol direct subra akong natruma sa issue..ingat na lang lagi”
Sent at 11:52 AM on Saturday
And this  from Gmail –

Direct —, good pm po, i finally decide to resign coz subra ginawa ni kuya eman sa blog ko na pinagawa sa kanya…..check mo po direct ginawa nya sa blog ko….. http://vastonair.wordpress.com

…….wag sana syang nakiki alam sa personal na problema….censya na direct di ko na kaya para pumasok pa….ung mga gamit sa bodega po mail mo lang ako papadeliver ko po pabalik sainyo kahit ako na magbayad ng transportation sa truck po..send me resignation derect —–.”


And here’s my reply, a VERY CIVILIZED response:

Actually I don’t have to.

The Station 12 Police of Bagumbayan is looking for him. Narek’s friends and family will surely hunt him.

His blog, which he agreed to pay me for the setup and maintenance, and still owes me Php4,500, I think got sideswiped because he is putting up artworks and video captures from animated features that he claims he has done, but without permission from the owners.

His past is catching up with him. The young girls he tried to subvert. The guy is a real perv.

And he is now hiding somewhere. One girl’s family will be looking for him.

I won’t even try to lift a finger.

I wouldn’t deign to even exert the slightest effort.

He’s brought this down on him, by his own doing.

‘Nuff said.

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