Saturday Morning Ramblings

. . . The Wonder Girls, and I’m talking about VOICES, can run rings around our BIRIT singers. And they can sure harmonize like The Beatles or The Beachboys. Sana ang mga record producers will let Sarah Geronimo or Charice choose more POP oriented songs and not just carefully selected “marketable” pieces. Not to forget, The Wonder Girls are darn CUTE!

. . . Global Warming needs to be studied further. There are no disserting and dissenting opinions to form conclusions.

. . .Taena, bakit me mga lalaking napaka PATHETIC!?

. . . AM Radio still rocks.

. . . Typhoon alerts now bring new meaning to the word – FRIGHTENING.

. . . I think my body is starting to stop smoking. Tatlong beses na ako nag sindi and then di ko maubos, at parang sama na ng lasa.

. . . Sally.

. . . I want to SHOOT. ( Litrato, nukaba.)

. . . This web design thing is enjoyable, disconcerting, interesting, overwhelming and engaging , all rolled into one neat insane bunch.

. . . Di ko alam kung kakayanain pa ng murang katawan ko [sic] ang buhay sa animation.

. . .Luk at yor selp. ( Rough translation – Tingnan mo nga sarili mo!)

. . . Wala akong dalang sabon at tuwalya dito sa studio.

. . . Anybody who says Flash animation is a lower form of the art will be stabbed with a spoon!

. . . Hu kray yu? ( From Uckhet’s Facebook post, rough translation – Sino nagpaiyak sa iyo?)

. . . Salonpas.

. . .Ang tubig sa Laguna Bay ay walang ibang pupuntahan. Stagnant, silthy at patay na ang Laguna Bay.

. . . We men are not all beasts all the time. We also look for women with “well-rounded personalities”  and  “with bouncy disposition”. Hee-hee!

. . . Three staple things in our lifetime and beyond: Coffee, Smokes and bad language.

. . . Gusto nyo makatipid sa paggamit ng papel? Ibawal na ang tabloids.

. . . Tin Tin Bersola-Babao made a good point today. It’s not refusing to use plastic bags or stopping the use of it that will make a difference. It’s how you use the darn thing afterwards. This Save the Earth thing is good, but people seem to forget we are the consumers who spill the crap everywhere.

. . . The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced we are the Arrakeens of this Earth.


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