October 1 at Food Channel



Been a long time, and worth taking the time.

Under the threat of another typhoon looming in the horizon, with areas still flooded, jobs demanding more time and the usual Manila burden-Traffic, Indios take time to cool off, a few brews, discussing  stuff with Tony Remington and Craig McCourry, with Jobar, Mike, Carvin, Daniel, ReeJoie, Mitsch(left early), JonJon(also left in a hurry),Third, JoCruz and LadyPurple (sorry guys, forgot your real names), while Jenny and Tinz are probably exhausted and already resting by the time we were inebriated and close to incoherence.

Swapped ideas with Daniel (topic-Maya and Photoshop), looked at some photos of Mitsch and ReeJoie, traded insults with Mike, Jojo and Dirth, Carvin is  in his usual silent mode, while Tony is spewing some stories in spurts and disjointed fashion, the way I like it, (which is why I love these guys- no one is attempting to be profound, we’re just average joes having fun) and Craig (big white guy) seems to be really enjoying everything.

And the spicy beef on the table is REALLY spicy.

By the time I’m writing this, Tony, Craig are probably with Jobar somewhere in the flooded parts of Pasig, shooting and taking in the impact of last week’s wetness. Good luck guys . . .

I’m home.


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